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Mathematical Biology and Physiology Seminar (2013 Archive)

Thursdays from 11:00am to 01:00pm in MB216

For more information, please visit the MaBPs web page .

Organizers: Andrew Belmonte, John Fricks, Chun Liu, Tim Reluga, and Ying Yang.

5 Sep 2013 To Be Announced
12 Sep 2013Giordano Tierra, University of Notre DameMathematical modeling of bacterial communities: Swarming processes and mechanical behavior of biofilms.
19 Sep 2013 To Be Announced
26 Sep 2013Ken Weiss, Penn State UniversityGenes must predict biological traits, mustn't they? Then why is it so difficult to understand how? (a non-mathematical, philosophical view of biological causation and evolution)
3 Oct 2013Ephraim Hanks, Penn State UniversityRandom Walks, Circuits, and Spatial Statistical Models for Gene Flow in Heterogeneous Landscapes
10 Oct 2013Yoichiro Mori, University of MinnesotaModeling Electrodiffusion and Osmosis in Physiological Systems
17 Oct 2013Duan Chen, University of North Carolina at CharlotteProton transport and its role in cancer research
24 Oct 2013Weihua Geng, Southern Methodist UniversityAccurate and Efficient Interface Methods for Implicitly Solvated Biomolecular Simulation
31 Oct 2013Samit Bhattacharyya, Penn State UniversityStrain interactions and erratic periodicity of Whooping Cough
21 Nov 2013William Nelson, Queen's UniversityScaling from life-cycles to population dynamics: insights from combining models & empirical biology
28 Nov 2013 To Be Announced
5 Dec 2013Dezhe Jin, Department of Physics, Penn State UniversityDynamics of Neural Networks and Birdsong Syntax
12 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
19 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
26 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
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