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Geometry Luncheon Seminar (2011 Archive)

Wednesdays from 12:20pm to 01:30pm in MB114

Lunch served from about 12:05, talk begins about 12:25 and lasts about 40 minutes. Informal style - questions encouraged - okay to grab food during the talk if that's your schedule!
19 Jan 2011John Roe, Penn StateThe geometry of Picard's theorem
26 Jan 2011Giovanni Forni, The University of MarylandBilliards in polygons, flat surfaces and Teichmueller theory
2 Feb 2011Anton Petrunin, PSUTelescopic actions
9 Feb 2011 To Be Announced
16 Feb 2011Alexander Gorodnik, University of BristolCounting integral/rational points on mainfolds
23 Feb 2011Omri Sarig, PSUEquidistribution of horocycles on the infinite bagel
2 Mar 2011 To Be Announced
9 Mar 2011 To Be Announced
16 Mar 2011Kurt Vinhage, PSUThe Crofton Fomula and Corollaries
23 Mar 2011Vasily Vasyunin, Steklov Institute, St. PetersburgHow the Monge--Ampere equation helps in proving the John--Nirenberg inequality
30 Mar 2011Grigori Litvinov, French-Russian Laboratory "Poncelet" and Independent University of MoscowIntegral Geometry, hypergroups and a question of I.M. Gelfand
6 Apr 2011Karl Schwede, PSUA brief introduction to the minimal model program
13 Apr 2011Gregory Galperin, Eastern Illinois UniversityMaking invisible geometric objects
20 Apr 2011Anton Petrunin, PSUSweeping out curvature
27 Apr 2011Gregory Ginot, UPMCWhat is String Topology?
24 Aug 2011 To Be Announced
7 Sep 2011 To Be Announced
14 Sep 2011 To Be Announced
21 Sep 2011 To Be Announced
28 Sep 2011 To Be Announced
5 Oct 2011 To Be Announced
12 Oct 2011Chris Croke, U PennDesigning coupled free form surfaces
19 Oct 2011 To Be Announced
26 Oct 2011 To Be Announced
2 Nov 2011 To Be Announced
9 Nov 2011 To Be Announced
16 Nov 2011Lev Birbrair, UFC - Fortaleza, BrazilComplex Lipschitz Geometry
23 Nov 2011 To Be Announced
30 Nov 2011 To Be Announced
7 Dec 2011
11:50am - 1:00pm
Stephanie Alexander, UIUCConvex surfaces in hyperbolic / de Sitter space
14 Dec 2011 To Be Announced
21 Dec 2011 To Be Announced
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