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Geometry Luncheon Seminar

Wednesdays from 12:05pm to 01:20pm in MB114

Lunch served from about 12:05, talk begins about 12:25 and lasts about 40 minutes. Informal style - questions encouraged - okay to grab food during the talk if that's your schedule!
14 Jan 2015 To Be Announced
21 Jan 2015Sergio Fenley, Florida State UniversityClosed orbits of pseudo-Anosov flows: cardinality and length growth
28 Jan 2015Ivan Izmestiev, FU Berlin (Visiting Penn State)Variational principles for isometric embeddings and rigidity
4 Feb 2015Charlie Epstein, UPennLATE Lunch Seminar: 2:30 (unusual time, but food will be catered).
11 Feb 2015 To Be Announced
18 Feb 2015Christian Lange, University of CologneLocal topology and geometry of orbifolds
25 Feb 2015 To Be Announced
4 Mar 2015Anton Petrunin, Penn StateGeodesics on the convex surfaces.
11 Mar 2015 To Be Announced
18 Mar 2015 To Be Announced
25 Mar 2015Anton Petrunin, Penn StateGeodesics on convex surfaces.
1 Apr 2015Stephan Stadler, University of CologneA Fary-Milnor theorem for CAT(0) spaces
8 Apr 2015Sergei Ivanov, Steklov Institute and SPb University, visiting PSUInterpolation of Riemannian manifolds
15 Apr 2015John Baez, University of California (Host: John Roe)Exceptional Jordan algebras and the Leech lattice
22 Apr 2015Dong Chen, Penn StatePositive entropy arises between KAM tori
29 Apr 2015Facundo Memoli, Ohio State U.The classification of Clustering Schemes

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