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GAP Seminar

Tuesdays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB106

12 Jan 2016Birgit Speh, CornellRestrictions of infinite dimensional representations
19 Jan 2016Liza Vishnyakova, University of São PauloWeighted manifolds and n-fold vector bundles
26 Jan 2016Willard Miller, University of MinnesotaSeparation of variables, superintegrability and Bôcher contractions
2 Feb 2016Luca Vitagliano, Università degli Studi di SalernoJacobi manifolds and their coisotropics
9 Feb 2016Vincent Caudrelier, City University of LondonHamiltonian and Lagrangian structures in an integrable hierarchy: space-time duality
16 Feb 2016Yuri Zarhin, Penn StateJordan Groups, Abelian Varieties and Conic Bundles
23 Feb 2016 To Be Announced
1 Mar 2016Yanli Song, University of TorontoTBA
8 Mar 2016Spring BreakTo Be Announced
15 Mar 2016Nate Brown, Penn StateTBA
22 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
29 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
5 Apr 2016Nicola Ciccoli, University of PerugiaTBA
12 Apr 2016Jonathan Block, UPENNTBA
19 Apr 2016Tony Giaquinto, Loyola University ChicagoTBA
26 Apr 2016Zheng Hua, University of Hong KongTBA
3 May 2016 To Be Announced

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