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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Mondays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB106

This colloquium, following the style discussed on the AMS web site, focuses on a broad question in the field or discusses a specific question in a general way to facilitate a conversation between researchers (including graduate students) with different areas of expertise. The talk is 50 minutes long plus about 10 minutes for questions.
The schedule of speakers is below.

5 Jan 2015 To Be Announced
12 Jan 2015Jan Nordbotten, University of Bergen (Host: L. Zikatanov)Geological Storage of CO2: Modeling approaches for large-scale simulation
19 Jan 2015Martin Luther King Day - No ClassesTo Be Announced
26 Jan 2015Zhiliang Xu, University of Notre Dame (Host: C Liu)Modeling Blood Cell-Substrate Interaction and Biofilm-Fluid Interaction
2 Feb 2015Bob Eisenberg, Rush Medical Center (Host: J Xu)Chemistry and Biology Need Variational Models
9 Feb 2015Nikolai Chementov, Lisbon, Portugal (Hostess: A Mazzucato)Transport type problems in bounded domains
16 Feb 2015Tim Reluga, Penn State UniversitySpatially explicit theory of partial migration evolution
23 Feb 2015Ludmil Zikatanov, Penn State UniversityStability and monotonicity in the low order discretizations of Biot’s model
2 Mar 2015Nir Gavish, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Host: C Liu)Generalized Poisson Boltzmann and Differential Capacitance data: an inverse problem
9 Mar 2015Spring Break, No ClassesTo Be Announced
16 Mar 2015Johannes Forster, University of Wuerzburg (Host: C Liu)Mathematical Modeling of Micromagnetic Complex Fluids
23 Mar 2015Daniel Han-Kwan, Ecole Polytechnique, France (Hosts: A Bressan and T Nguyen)An introduction to the Vlasov-Poisson system
30 Mar 2015Suchuan Steven Dong, Purdue University (Host: J Xu)Incompressible N-Phase Flows: Physical Formulation and Numerical Algorithm
6 Apr 2015Richard Tsai, University of Texas, Austin (Host: X Li)Boundary integral methods on implicitly defined interfaces
13 Apr 2015Olivier Glass, Université Paris-Dauphine (Host: A Bressan)Limit dynamics of a small solid in a perfect incompressible fluid.
20 Apr 2015Ilya Mishev, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company (Host: L Zikatanov)Linear Solvers for Reservoir Simulation problems
27 Apr 2015Rainer Kress, University of Goettingen (Host: L Zikatanov)Inverse Obstacle Scattering

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