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Marker Lectures by Martin R. Bridson

[Photo of Martin Bridson]
  • Monday, 23 March at 8:00-10:00PM, 114 McAllister (intended for a general audience): The language of symmetry and the grammar of space.
  • Tuesday, 24 March at 4:30-6:30, 114 McAllister: Dimension, rigidity and fixed point theorems.
  • Wednesday, 25 March at 4:30-6:30, 114 McAllister: Approximately free groups.
  • Thursday, 26 March at 4:30-6:30, 114 McAllister: Surfaces, subdirect products and residually free groups.

Martin Bridson is a mathematician who works at the interface of geometry, topology, and group theory. Diverse encapsulations of symmetry, quantifications of complexity, and notions of curvature provide unifying themes for much of his work.

Bridson was an undergraduate at Oxford (BA 1986) and did his graduate work at Cornell (MS 1988, PhD 1991). He was subsequently an Assistant Professor at Princeton University and a Tutorial Fellow at Pembroke College, Oxford. He twice spent a year at the University of Geneva as a Visiting Professor. Until 2001 he was Professor of Topology in Oxford. He left for a Chair in Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London, returning to Oxford in 2007 as the first Whitehead Professor of Pure Mathematics. He is a Fellow of Magdalen College.

His honours include the Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society (1999), the Forder Lectureship of the New Zealand Mathematical Society (2005), and a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (2006). In 2006 he was an Invited Speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians. His research is currently funded by Senior Fellowship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council of the United Kingdom.

The Marker Lectures were established in 1984 through a gift from Russell Earl Marker, professor emeritus of chemistry at Penn State, whose pioneering synthetic methods revolutionized the steroid-hormone industry and opened the door to the current era of hormone therapies, including the birth-control pill. The Marker endowment allows the Penn State Eberly College of Science to present annual Marker Lectures in astronomy and astrophysics, the chemical sciences, evolutionary biology, genetic engineering, the mathematical sciences, and physics. For more information about the lectures, contact Flossie Dunlop at (814) 865-8462.