Anatole Katok Center for Dynamical Systems and Geometry



  • Michael Brin, Alexey Kononenko and Serge Ferleger made a major donation to support the Center of Dynamical Systems and Geometry which is now named after Anatole Katok. Additional financial support of the Center comes from the Eberly College of Science at Penn State.
  • The 29th Fall meeting of the Semi-annual Workshop in Dynamics and Related topics will take place on October 4-7, 2018. 
  • Zhiren Wang received NSF CAREER grant.
  • Michael Hochman was awarded the 2018 Michael Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems.
  • Lewis Bowen was awarded the 2017 Michael Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems.
  • Frederico Rodriguez Hertz received 2017 Faculty Scholar Medal for Outstanding Achievement.

Director of the Center: Yakov Pesin  (,  Distiguished Professor of Mathematics.

Penn State Mathematics Department, McAllister Building, University Park, State College, PA 16802
Phone (814) 865-7527 / Fax (814) 865-3735