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Deadline for electronic submission of talk information forms: October 21, 2013

Note: All contributed paper talks are fifteen (15) minutes in length.

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(Note that each room is equipped with chalkboard (or whiteboard) and a projector which displays the output of an attached MS Windows computer. In addition, there is a port where the output from a laptop can be connected to the projector. The computers in each room have PowerPoint software, the Internet Explorer web-browser, USB ports, and CD-ROM drives. Overhead projectors, VCRs, etc., may be available with advance notification, but this is not guaranteed. If you request additional technology or software, please provide a clear and comprehensive list of your needs.)

If you do not receive confirmation in the next week or so that your submission has been received, please contact James Sellers via email (

The information you submit will appear on your nametag exactly as you type it.  You should check spelling, capitalization, etc. before hitting the "Submit" button.

The "Submit" button will send all your answers to the local coordinators of the meeting in email form.

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