Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
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Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Mathematics

May 9--11, 2017, Department of Mathematics, Penn State University


A workshop on ``Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Mathematics'' will be held on May 9--11, 2017, sponsored by the Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics and by the Center for Mathematics of Living and Mimetic Matter, Penn State University. Applied mathematics in the modern world faces the challenge of developing new mathematical techniques and approaches which would help advance research in other disciplines. A goal of this workshop is to help prepare the future generation of applied mathematicians to face these challenges. It also aims at establishing new contacts and create long-term relationships between research groups at different institutions, in the US and in Europe. The talks are expected to be of expository nature, i.e. not technical, but of high scientific level. The primary audience of the workshop will consist of graduate students and young researchers. During the three days of the conference, seven plenary speakers will deliver widely accessible survey talks, covering a broad spectrum of applications: materials science, biology and medicine, complex fluids, and finance. Together with local graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty, 12-15 young researchers will be invited from other institutions, covering their travel and local expenses. All participants will have an opportunity to present their work in short talks or within a poster session.


Igor Aronson, Leonid Berlyand, Alberto Bressan, Anna Mazzucato.


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  • Igor Aronson, Huck Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics, Penn State University.
  • Suncica Canic, Cullen Distinguished Professor of Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
  • Marta Lewicka, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Pittsburgh University.
  • Rinaldo Colombo, Professor of Department of Mathematics, University of Brescia, Italy
  • Erich Walter Farkas, Professor for Quantitative Finance, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute.
  • Ken Kamrin, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachussetts Institute of Technology.
  • Doron Levy, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park
  • Giulia Cavagnari,
  • Weiqi Chu,
  • Robby Creese,
  • Luca di Persio,
  • Nastassia Pouradier Duteil,
  • Wenrui Hao,
  • Yilun Jiang,
  • Matt Mizuhara,
  • Ryan Murray,
  • Khai Nguyen,
  • Michele Palladino,
  • Mykhailo Potomkin,
  • Luca Prezioso,
  • Hongxu Wei,
  • Xiaojie Wu,
  • Alex Misiats,
  • Yuliya Gorb,
  • Misha Genkin,
  • Francesco De Anna,
  • Yifan Wang.


All talks and the poster session will be held in room 114 of McAllister Building, Penn State University.


Participants should make their own hotel reservations and guarantee with a valid credit card. Guests will pay for their own lodging at the hotel during check-out. A block of rooms are set aside at the Sleep Inn and the Days Inn. Please call hotel phone number listed - codes will not work with the online system.

Should you decide to change your arrival/departure days or if you should decide not to attend, please contact the hotel directly. Please note: cancellation fees, early departure fees, and no-show policies effective.

Sleep Inn: 814-235-1020 - Reference Group Name "PSU Workshop on Interdisciplinary Mathematics". Rates are $65+tax/night. **Reservations must be made before 04/17/2017.

Days Inn: 814-238-8454 or 800-258-3297 - Reference Group Code "CGWOIN". Rates are $94+tax/night. **Reservations must be made before 04/12/2017.


Conference secretary, Deanna Marie Confer ( will assist in lodging arrangements and provide information about travel.