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Title:"The auxiliary space technique for linear solvers"
Seminar:Ph.D. Thesis Defense
Speaker:Lu Wang, Adviser: Jinchao Xu, Penn State
Developing efficient iterative methods and parallel algorithms for solving sparse linear systems discretized partial differential equations (PDEs) is still a challenging tasks in scientific computing and practical applications. Though many mathematically optimal solvers such as the multigrid method have been developed, the unfortunate reality is that multigrid methods have not been much used in practical applications. Based on the methodology of Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning (FASP), we develop formulate and analyze preconditioning techniques that will narrow the gap between theory and practice, specifically by developing mathematically optimal solvers that are robust and easy to use in practice. A new parallel unsmoothed aggregation algebraic multigrid (UA-AMG) method for a PDE defined on an unstructured from the hierarchical structured coarse grid. It provides (nearly) optimal load balance and predictable communication patterns factors that make our new algorithm suitable for parallel computing. We will also try to extend the FASP techniques to saddle point and indefinite problems. Finally we present applications and show results from several application areas.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB106
Date:08 / 05 / 2014
Time:11:00am - 12:50pm