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M513 Partial Differential equations, I

Lecture Schedule: MWF 09:05--09:55am

Lecture Place: 106 MB

Instructor: Yuxi Zheng,

Course Text: L. C. Evans, Partial Differential Equations , AMS, 1998.

Test and Grades

    There will be one midterm exam (Sunday evening 8pm--10pm, Oct. 12) and one final exam for this course. The final course grade will be determined as follows:

    30% homework+ 30% midterm exam + 40 % final exam.

Reference Books

    1. H. F. Weinberger, A First Course in Partial Differential Equations with Complex Variables and Transform Methods, Dover.
    2. Fritz John, Partial Differential Equations , 4th ed. Springer.
    3. Walter Strauss, Partial Differential Equations, An Introduction .
    4. Renardy and Rogers, An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations.
    5. DiBenedetto, Partial Differential Equations.
    6. Robert C. McOwen, Partial Differential Equations.

Why do I need this course? For the dubitative,

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