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Postdoctoral Fellow

Xiaozhe Hu 2010

Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2009
B.S. in Information and Computer Science, Zhejiang University, 2004
Adaptive finite element methods, fast solvers for large-scale sparse linear systems, parallel computing (CPU & GPU), eigenvalue problems, reservoir simulations, computational fluid dynamics
Office: 309 McAllister Building
Phone: +1-814-863-6398
Email: hu_x@math.psu.edu

Graduate Students

Lu Wang 2008

B.S. in Mathematics, Peking University, 2008
B.S. Double Major in Computer Science, Peking University, 2008
Fast solvers for Stokes problems, parallel computing (CPU & GPU), computational fluid dynamics and the fluid structure interface problem
Office: 10 McAllister Building
Phone: +1-814-863-9675
Email: wang_l@math.psu.edu

ChangHe Qiao 2010

B.S. in Mathematics, Peking University, 2010
Multigrid methods, application of high-performance computation in general reservoir simulations, coupled multiphase flow and multicomponent reactive transport processes and enhanced oil recovery
Office: 419 McAllister Building
Phone: +1-814-863-9049
Email: qiao_c@math.psu.edu

Kai Yang 2010

B.S. in Information and Computational Science, Jilin University, 2010
Multigrid methods, fluid-structure interactions, and computational fluid dynamics
Office: 432 McAllister Building
Phone: +1-814-863-3644
Email: yang_k@math.psu.edu

Yicun Zhen 2010

B.S. in Mathematics, Peking University, 2008
I am currently working on issues related to Kalman Filter for application in Meteorology. Now I am trying to get a reasonable explanation of why the serial EnKF gives 'close' result as the standard localized EnKF.
Office: 020 McAllister Building
Phone: +1 814 863 4108
Email: zhen@math.psu.edu

Yicong Ma 2011

B.S. in Mathematics, Peking University, 2011
Maxwell equation, solar cells

Office: 418 McAllister Building
Phone: +1-814-863-9021
Email: ma_y@math.psu.edu

John C. Urschel 2012

B.S. in Mathematics, Penn State University, 2012
I research the applications of multigrid methods to non-standard applications, such as graph theory and state estimation. In addition, I study spectral graph theory and graph embedding.
Office: 018 McAllister Building
Phone:+1 814 865 4291
Email: jcu5018@psu.edu

Visiting Scholars

Feiteng Huang, 2012

M.S. in Computational Mathematics, Sichuan University, 2010
B.S. in Computational Mathematics, Sichuan University, 2007
Adaptive finite element method, Discontinuous Galerkin method, Fluid-Structure Interaction problem
Office: 431 McAllister
Phone: +1 814 852 8847
Email: hftenger@gmail.com