Teaching and Advising

by L.N.Vaserstein

Fall  of 2016

Math 484, Linear Programs .   

484.004  MWF 09:05-09:55a  123 EE East

Office hours:  MWF 8:30-8:55a  and by appointment  in 215 McAllister Bldg

Required textbook: Introduction to Linear Programming by L.Vaserstein,  Prentice Hall, 2003. 

title page: ps | pdf ||  copyright page:  ps | pdf ||  contents&preface: ps | pdf ||
student's manual: ps | sol2.pdf ||  corrections to the textbook in plain text

See Angel for syllabus. Every student is special, but the same grading policy (see the syllabus) is applied to  everyone

regardless of race, creed, gender, ethnicity, age, family status, political views, need to graduate,  etc.

The final grades will be given in the last class.  If you have any questions about your points at Angel, do not wait till the last week of classes to ask.

Linear Algebra is a prerequisite.  You have to know :
what is a linear equation,
what it means to solve it,
how to solve any system of linear equations.

This is needed for Linear Programming and will be tested.  No division by 0 is tolerated .

No joint work allowed except for class participation.  It is NOT OK to show your homework or another test  to another student or look at another student's test (see academic integrity).

Before coming to a class you are not register for, ask permission, vstein@math.psu.edu. This includes coming to a different section of Math 484.

Perpetual homework: read every section of the textbook before the corresponding class  and do all exercises at the end of the section.
Your solutions to the  exercises  which are not  in the manual (more complicated ones are in the manual, sol2.pdf ) to be submitted into the appropriate Angel dropbox by the given deadlines. 

For all tests, give both the final answer and details (how you got the answer). If you use notes, books, computers, websites. etc. in your solutions, give proper references.  No electronic devices (including computers) are allowed in tests in class. If scanning homework, use white paper and black pen before scanning and check the result before submitting it. Not all homework will be graded. 

Do not sent me e-notes with size greater than 1mb. Any email concerning Math 484 should have Math 484.  on the Subject line.Your last name as registered with PSU should be on the From line or the Subject line. Do not send me any homework unless I request this.

Bonus points are given for class participation   (see details.), e.g., correcting me or students, asking or answering questions in class,  and anything good you do for class 

No points are given for health of family problems, yelling, crying, bribing, cheating (including lying, false reasons for missing tests,  and plagiarism), need to pass, not paying tuition on time, and learning little or nothing.

No make-ups are given for missing tests in class unless an e-mail is sent to vstein@math.psu.edu BEFORE the class (the section you registered for),  Attendance and pictures will be taken during the midterms. 




In their evaluations, some students wrote that it was easy to pass or to get A.

On the other hand,  you can see from the links below  that the numbers of F grades were: 4 in Spring of 2013 and 9 in Fall of 2013. Students who believe they can pass this course without learning anything are set for a disappointment.

For students who did not register, here is SyllabusF16\.rtf   in rtf available for everybody.

I do not sign permissions to add. If registered students drop, you can add without my permissions

You should write me about coming to every class without registration.

See details  about homework .

grades entered on Dec. 10,  2016   37 students

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10  4  3  2   3

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Details to Syllabus in rtf.

Class participation. in html

FAQ in html

more on homework in txt

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