Class participation includes:

asking questions if you do not understand anything,

answering questions,

reporting in class your solutions of bonus homework,

class presentations (on topics related to LP).

The main purpose is to promote learning and critical thinking.  

Your bonus  points may improve your grade without affecting grades of other students. The effect  of bonus points

on attendance and student's evaluations of me is not clear to me.

Preparing for class (esp., reading the textbook and doing homework) enhance greatly your class participation.

Points are not given for statements  which do not make sense,  are false, or not related with linear programming.

Insisting on your statements against opposition may give you more points or less points depending on whether your statements are true of false.

It may happen that there is no time for all class presentations especially in the last class. 

So write me as soon as possible the topic, references, date,  and time you want. If there is time shortage, a line is created based on timing of your requests. 

You may have not enough time to present everything you prepared. 

Presentations are evaluated by their quality.  They should make sense, be accessible to student, and attract student's attention (e.g., generate a meaningful discussion).

Exact references should be given. 

Lack of understanding and false statements decrease the quality. Student's opinions of your presentation  are taken in account, 

You claim that you spend a lot of time preparing your presentation  or lack of time for your presentation do not give you extra points.

Bonus points can be given for correcting the textbook, manual, and other posted by me materials.

They are not given after the last class. They are not given for any presents or personal favors for me.

An example: a student presents a game which is not a matrix game. 

It is out scope of the course but the student may get points for showing that not every game is a matrix game.

However if student insists it is a matrix game, he/she gets no points. 

Also no points are given for the work  used for a credit in another course.

An example: a student presents an optimization problem which is not a linear program. Points may be given for showing that not everything is a linear program.

However  if the students insists this is a linear program,  he/she gets no points.

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