Instructor: Leon Vaserstein (Dr.V) ,

office hours:  TR   8-9:30 a.m.  215 McAllister Bldg   8630584.
The outline is in the blue book.  For more datails, see the contents of the textbook, Chapters 1-8. 
:     Introduction to Linear Programming,  Prentice Hall, 2003. title page: ps | pdf || 
copyright page:  ps | pdf ||  contents&preface: ps | pdf ||
We have a quiz or/and  a homework graded every week, about 20 pts a week (depending on
grader ).
Three midterms in class are given,   75 pts each. Extra pts are given for
work in class. To get A, one has to get at least 90% of the sum of maximal scores.
Here are lower limits for other grades:
A- 86 2/3 %,
B+ 83 1/3 %,
B 80 %,
B-  76 2/3 %,
C+ 73 1/3 %,
C  70%,
D 60%.
No make-ups are given for missing tests in class unless e-mail sent to before the class.
Partial credit for late homework is given.
Computers, books, notes are allowed during tests, but no joint work.
During tests in class, communications devises (phones, computers, etc) are not allowed.
No points are given after the last class  (Dec. 14) .
No cheating  is tolerated.
No littering   |