My talks

(partial list)

Gelfand seminar 1964-1989

14-Feb-72, L.N. Vasserstein.

6-Mar-72, L.N. Vasserstein. Different K-theories

13-Mar-72, L.N. Vasserstein.

13-Nov-72, L.N. Vasserstein.

19-Nov-73, L.N. Vasserstein.


U of Chicago  Normal subgroups Summer of 1980, audience: Kaplansky, Swan, Bloch

Northwestern U Evanston Normal subgroups of  GLn over a ring, May 1979


Penn State  audience: O’Meara,…

Princeton U billiard,  audience: Ranicki, W.Browder,…

Cornell U  audience: Dennis, …


U of Maryland Sept 2 1981  4:00 pm  Sinai's billiard

                        Sept 3, 1981 Coll  van der Waerden problem on permanents


793rd AMS meeting at Bryn Mawr   March 17, 1982  1:10 - 2:10 pm  Classical groups over rings

   also chairman of a special session, March 16-17, 1982 

University of Oklahoma  May 18, 1982  Full and Zariski-dense subgroups.


Stony Brook  May 19 ,  K1-theory of Euclidean  spaces; 

                     May  20,,  Congruence subgroup problem.           

U.S.-France Algebraic K-theory Seminar, Luminy France  May 23-28  about 28  Normal and full subgroups of classical grouups.    

Canada Hamilton  Classical groups over rings.   

Nov. 19-22 Los Angeles; Nov 21 Classical groups over rings, 

CallTech 11:00 am, UCLA 2:00 pm,     

U.of Virginia  Dec.6 Sinai's billiard (coll.); 

                      Dec.7 Classical groups over rings (alg.sem.)  


1984 /85: Kentucky 2 talks; 

Boca Raton 2; 

IAS Dec.13, 1984 Mennicke symbols; 

Riverside 2 talks; 

Rutgers Febr. 8, 1985, Mennicke symbols, algebra sem.; 

Bielefeld Mennicke symbols March 15 Fr.; 

Oberwalfach March 20, W  Quadratic forms over rings of cont. functions.


Brown U. March 4 Intro alg K-theory. 

   May 18, Beijing, China, Normal & subnormal 

   May 26, 8:30 Changchun, China, Normal     & subnormal

   May 28, Inst.M.Acad.Sinica, Beijing, 14:30, Lower alg K-theory.

   June 4, Xi'an, China, 15-16, Linear algebra and alg K-theory 

   Normal subgroups of classical groups over rings and gauge groups,  &  Non-commutatiove number theory, Ibadan , Aug 10 & 12.   

   Structure of  classical groups over rings , Frankfurt Nov 13. 300DM. 

   F. Nov. 20, Structure of gauge groups, Bielefeld. 400

   M. Nov.23, On Waring´s problem, Dortmund.         300 ? T.Nov.24. Structure of orthogonal groups, Munster. 200 ?


Liminy The structure of gauge groups, Jan.  

   Paris VII  The structure of gauge groups, March 18, 15:30.

   Bielefeld, Non-commutative number theory, April 15.

   Lausanne 22 April, Mennicke symbols. 

   Geneve  April 26,  The structure of Gauge groups. Oberwalfach June 6, Structure of gauge groups.


June 22, 1989  Structure of classical groups over rings, Italy Santa Margaritta   

    March 9, 1990 3:30 pm Fr   Structure of classical groups, 

   Sci Div  U of Wis-Parkside,

   April 4, 1990 Italy (with Wheland) Factorization of matrices over stable rank 1 rings.

   Aug 5 or 6 1990 Colorado  Sums of cubes  

   January  16  1991 Yale  4:30 pm  Sums of three cubes.

   June 26, 1991 Columbus Ohio Sums of three cubes. 

   Sept 3 1991 Grenada  Work of P.Menal on normal subgroups

   July 29, 1992  Moscow Steklov algebra seminar, 11:00-13:00 'On sums of three integral cubes'.


CWI Amsterdam  Tue June 22  11-12 am  Sums of integral cubes

   Technische Universiteit Eindhoven  W June 23  Sums of integral cubes 

   Technische Universitat Graz Th June 25 2:00 pm Sums of three cubes 

   Oberwalfach  F  July 3, 9:00  Products of conjugacy classes of two by two matrices


Products of conjugacy classes    Toronto March 7


   On sums of three cubes  Waterloo March 8


   Los Alomos Sep 13,  1994  10:30a

 `Solution of Serre's problem on projective modules over    polynomial rings`

                                     1:30 pm     

 'Reduction of invertible matrices over polynomial rings to    diagonal form by addition operaration`

 Yale   Dec 15   Products of conjugacy classes  2:30 pm Lie algebras seminar


Jan 9  Products of conjugacy classes  Brest, France

Febr 17  Products of conjugacy classes  UAB, Spain

March 16,  Products of conjugacy classes  Murcia, Spain

August  29 U of Toronto 'Sums of three cubes'

Oct 30, 1996  Rutgers  Arithmetic groups

Dec 16, 1996 Sums of three cubes, Las Vegas