Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 10:15 EDT
From:     (FREED.NORMAN)
Subject: "Take a Professor to Lunch"

Some of you may have read the editorial in this morning's COLLEGIAN pointing
out the many responsibilities faculty have as they go about their daily
business.  I would like to use the occasion of that editorial to call
attention to an issue raised there that we can do something about.  The
article states, "Chances are you have had very few, if any, encounters (of any
kind) with your professors outside of the classroom.  You can probably count
on one hand the number of times you have discussed with them art or politics
or life in general over lunch at the HUB ...."  By an interesting coincidence,
we will in a few days be distributing information to our students and to
departmental offices concerning the ECoS's "Take a Professor to Lunch"
Program, now in its 7th year.  As all old-timers know, the College will buy
lunch at any of the university's eight dining halls for one or more students
and a faculty member invited to accompany them (all must be in the College).
The purpose of this very successful program is to facilitate those
interactions between students and faculty that the COLLEGIAN editorial feels
are lacking and we encourage you to accept any invitations offered.
Although the students will be made aware of this program separately, it would
be highly appropriate for you to announce in your classes that you are
ready and willing to be invited.  Bon appetit!