Every Thursday from 11:15am to 12:05pm in MB106

30 Aug 2007Robert VaughanHigher order terms in Waring's problem
6 Sep 2007Winnie LiZeta functions of graphs
13 Sep 2007Yuri Zarhin, Penn StateCubic surfaces and cubic threefolds, jacobians and intermediate jacobians
20 Sep 2007Joseph YucasQuadratic Forms, Projective Geometry and the Kerdock Code
27 Sep 2007Hiren Maharaj, Clemson UniversityDistance graphs with finite chromatic number
4 Oct 2007Robert Vaughan, PSUMean Values of Multiplicative Functions
11 Oct 2007Robert Vaughan, PSUA History of Paucity
18 Oct 2007Bruce Berndt, University of Illinois at Urbana, ChampaignModular Relations, Functional Equations, and Equivalent Identities
1 Nov 2007Krishnaswami Alladi, University of FloridaPartitions with non-repeating odd parts
8 Nov 2007Alexandra Shlapentokh, East Carolina UniversityHilbert's Tenth Problem over Function Fields of Positive
15 Nov 2007Kirsten Eisentraeger, Penn StateFirst-order undecidability in function fields of positive characteristic
29 Nov 2007Jayce GetzHilbert modular generating functions with coefficients in intersection homology
4 Dec 2007

2:30pm - 3:20pm
Chian-Jen Wang, , National Center for Theoretical Sciences, TaiwanMetaplectic forms and the converse theorem
6 Dec 2007Gary Mullen, Penn StateDickson Polynomials over Finite Fields: a different perspective
13 Dec 2007Gang Yu, Kent State UniversitySum set v.s. difference set, and applications
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