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Vaserstein in title from Math. Reviews 10 items

MR3144594 Rao, Dhvanita R.; Gupta, Neena; On the non-injectivity of the Vaserstein symbol in dimension three. J. Algebra 399 (2014), 378–388.

MR0882802 (88m:18020) van der Kallen, Wilberd Vaserstein's pre-stabilization theorem over commutative rings. Comm. Algebra 15 (1987), no. 3, 657--663. (Reviewer: Roger C. Alperin) 18F25 (16A54 19B10)

MR1113961 (92k:19001a) Hinson, Edward K. On Vaserstein's power operation on elementary orbits. Comm. Algebra 19 (1991), no. 6, 1851--1854. (Reviewer: Charles Weibel) 19B99 (20H25)

MR1155684 (92k:19001b) Hinson, Edward K. On Vaserstein's power operation on elementary orbits. Comm. Algebra 20 (1992), no. 1, 303--307. (Reviewer: Charles Weibel) 19B99 (20H25)

MR1352866 (96j:11028) Zhang, Zhao Ji On a problem of Vaserstein. (Chinese) Zhejiang Daxue Xuebao Ziran Kexue Ban 28 (1994), no. 5, 608--611. (Reviewer: Qi Sun) 11C20 (11A05)  Zbl 0838.11022

MR1701386 (2000f:60019) Abdellaoui, Taoufiq Approximation de la $L^1$-distance de Wasserstein. (French) [Approximation of $L^1$-Vaserstein distance] C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math. 328 (1999), no. 12, 1203--1206. 60E05

MR2473300 (2010a:32022) Ivarsson, Björn; Kutzschebauch, Frank A solution of Gromov's Vaserstein problem. C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 346 (2008), no. 23-24, 1239--1243. (Reviewer: Sergey Ivashkovich) 32E10 (15A23 15A54). Zbl 1160.32017

MR2749274 Vavilov, N. A.; Sinchuk, S. S. Decompositions of Dennis-Vaserstein type. (Russian) Zap. Nauchn. Sem. S.-Peterburg. Otdel. Mat. Inst. Steklov. (POMI) 375 (2010), Voprosy Teorii Predstavlenii Algebr i Grupp. 19, 48–60, 210, 20G35

Dennis-Vaserstein type decompositions = Разложения типа Денниса–Васерштейна

MR3071388 Butkovsky, O. A.; Veretennikov, A. Yu.; On asymptotics for Vaserstein coupling of Markov chains. Stochastic Process. Appl. 123 (2013), no. 9, 3518–3541.

MR3144594 Rao, Dhvanita R.(6-BHAVC); Gupta, Neena(6-ISI-SMU)

On the non-injectivity of the Vaserstein symbol in dimension three. (English summary) 

J. Algebra 399 (2014), 378–388.  13C10 (19B14 19G12)


Vasershtein in title from Math. Reviews 1 item

MR0583946 (82e:62057)  Papantoni-Kazakos, P. The Vasershtein distance as the stability criterion in robust estimation. 

IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory 26 (1980), no. 5, 620--625.  62F35

In the models used by Hampel as well as by Gray and the author for the qualitative analysis of robust parameter estimators, the Prohorov stability criterion was used. The Vasershtein distance is proposed here as an alternative stability measure. This measure, in contrast to the Prohorov criterion, implies performance stability of the estimators and leads to a constructive analysis for exponentially fast convergence.

Vasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2 items

MR1015898 (90k:82006) Kirillov, A. B.; Rădulescu, D. C.; Styer, D. F. Vasserstein distances in two-state systems. J. Statist. Phys. 56 (1989), no. 5-6, 931--937. (Reviewer: Milos Zahradnik) 82A05 (82A68)

Abstract We present formulas for the Vasserstein distance between two statistical 

mechanical states of a two-state system. For example, in a ferromagnetic spin-1/2 Ising 

model the Vasserstein distance is half the difference in the magnetizations.

MR0328982 (48 #7324) Vallander, S. S. Calculations of the Vasseršteĭn distance between probability distributions on the line. (Russian) Teor. Verojatnost. i Primenen. 18 (1973), 824--827. (Reviewer: I. Csiszar) 60B05.  English translation: Theory Probab. Appl., 18(4), 784–786. (3 pages)

Abstract: We prove that the Wasserstein distance between probability distributions on the line

coincides with the $L^1$-distance between their distribution function. ...

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 1978-1999  17 items

MR0536797 (80d:62004b) Transactions of the Eighth Prague Conference on Information Theory, Statistical Decision Functions, Random Processes. Vol. B.  Held in Prague, August 28–September 1, 1978. D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht-Boston, Mass., 1978. 402 pp. ISBN: 90-277-0913-0  62-06 (60-06 90-06 93Exx 94Axx)

MR0536824 (81e:60003) Szulga, Alicja On the Wasserstein metric. Transactions of the Eighth Prague Conference on Information Theory, Statistical Decision Functions, Random Processes (Prague, 1978), Vol. B, pp. 267--273, Reidel, Dordrecht-Boston, Mass., 1978. (Reviewer: V. J. Paulauskas) 60B05 (90A05)

MR0752258 (85m:60009) Givens, Clark R.; Shortt, Rae Michael A class of Wasserstein metrics for probability distributions. Michigan Math. J. 31 (1984), no. 2, 231--240. (Reviewer: R. M. Dudley) 60B10 (60E15)

MR0795791 (86m:60004) Rüschendorf, Ludger The Wasserstein distance and approximation theorems. Z. Wahrsch. Verw. Gebiete 70 (1985), no. 1, 117--129. (Reviewer: S. T. Rachev) 60A10 (60B10 60G05)

MR1009457 (90k:60029) Cuesta, Juan Antonio; Matrán, Carlos Notes on the Wasserstein metric in Hilbert spaces. Ann. Probab. 17 (1989), no. 3, 1264--1276. (Reviewer: S. T. Rachev) 60E05 (60B05 60B12)

MR1074632 (92d:60007) Rachev, S. T.; Shortt, R. M. Duality theorems for Kantorovich-Rubinstein and Wasserstein functionals. Dissertationes Math. (Rozprawy Mat.) 299 (1990), 35 pp. (Reviewer: Donald L. Cohn) 60B10 (60F05 60F17)

MR1127323 (93a:62081) Gelbrich, Matthias On a formula for the $L^2$ Wasserstein metric between measures on Euclidean and Hilbert spaces. Math. Nachr. 147 (1990), 185--203. (Reviewer: Juan A. Cuesta-Albertos) 62H05 (60B11 62E10)

MR1209844 (93m:60194) Simonot, François Analyse de la stabilité de systèmes de stockage par la métrique de Wasserstein. (French) [Analysis of the stability of storage systems using the Vaserstein metric] Statist. Anal. Données 16 (1991), no. 3, 183--201. 60K30

MR1165653 (93h:60010) Cuesta, Juan A.; Matrán, Carlos A review on strong convergence of weighted sums of random elements based on Wasserstein metrics. J. Statist. Plann. Inference 30 (1992), no. 3, 359--370. (Reviewer: A. Bozorgnia) 60B12 (60B11)

MR1207216 (94a:60019) Tuero, Araceli On the stochastic convergence of representations based on Wasserstein metrics. Ann. Probab. 21 (1993), no. 1, 72--85. (Reviewer: Ludger Rüschendorf) 60E05 (60B10)

MR1297788 (95i:60026) Cuesta-Albertos, Juan A.; Matrán-Bea, Carlos Stochastic convergence through Skorohod representation theorems and Wasserstein distances. First International Conference on Stochastic Geometry, Convex Bodies and Empirical Measures (Palermo, 1993). Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo (2) Suppl. No. 35 (1994), 89--113. (Reviewer: Mindaugas Bloznelis) 60F15 (60B11 60B12 60F25)

MR1329874 (96d:60020) Horowitz, Joseph; Karandikar, Rajeeva L. Mean rates of convergence of empirical measures in the Wasserstein metric. J. Comput. Appl. Math. 55 (1994), no. 3, 261--273. (Reviewer: Joseph E. Yukich) 60D05 (60C05)

MR1385397 (97d:60025) Cuesta-Albertos, J. A.; Matrán-Bea, C.; Tuero-Diaz, A. On lower bounds for the $L^2$-Wasserstein metric in a Hilbert space. J. Theoret. Probab. 9 (1996), no. 2, 263--283. (Reviewer: Ludger Rüschendorf) 60E15

MR1485526 (98g:60105) Gelbrich, Matthias; Rachev, Svetlozar T. Discretization for stochastic differential equations, $L^p$ Wasserstein metrics, and econometrical models. Distributions with fixed marginals and related topics (Seattle, WA, 1993), 97--119, IMS Lecture Notes Monogr. Ser., 28, Inst. Math. Statist., Hayward, CA, 1996. 60H10 (60F17)

MR1698999 (2000g:60034) del Barrio, Eustasio; Giné, Evarist; Matrán, Carlos Central limit theorems for the Wasserstein distance between the empirical and the true distributions. Ann. Probab. 27 (1999), no. 2, 1009--1071. (Reviewer: Lajos Horváth) 60F05 (60B12 62E20). Zentralblatt MATH: 0958.60012. Cited by 45

MR1701386 (2000f:60019) Abdellaoui, Taoufiq Approximation de la $L^1$-distance de Wasserstein. (French) [Approximation of $L^1$-Vaserstein distance] C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math. 328 (1999), no. 12, 1203--1206. 60E05

MR1726488 (2000k:65173) Kinderlehrer, David; Walkington, Noel J. Approximation of parabolic equations using the Wasserstein metric. M2AN Math. Model. Numer. Anal. 33 (1999), no. 4, 837--852. (Reviewer: Wilfrid Gangbo) 65M60 (35A35)

MR1740113 (2001a:60024) del Barrio, Eustasio; Cuesta-Albertos, Juan A.; Matrán, Carlos; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Jesús M. Tests of goodness of fit based on the $L_2$-Wasserstein distance. Ann. Statist. 27 (1999), no. 4, 1230--1239. (Reviewer: Lajos Horváth) 60F05 (60F25 62E20)

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2000-2003   11 items 

MR1769953 (2001b:60008) Belili, Nacereddine; Heinich, Henri Distances de Wasserstein et de Zolotarev. (French) [Wasserstein and Zolotarev distances] C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math. 330 (2000), no. 9, 811--814. 60B10 (60E05)

MR1784174 (2002b:60055) Mikami, T. Dynamical systems in the variational formulation of the Fokker-Planck equation by the Wasserstein metric. Appl. Math. Optim. 42 (2000), no. 2, 203--227. (Reviewer: Shuenn Jyi Sheu) 60F15 (60H30 82C35)

MR1788425 (2002k:94006) Gangbo, Wilfrid; McCann, Robert J. Shape recognition via Wasserstein distance. Quart. Appl. Math. 58 (2000), no. 4, 705--737. 94A08 (28A35 49Q20).  Zbl 1039.49038 

MR1865668 (2002h:49069) Benamou, J. D.; Brenier, Y. Mixed $L^2$-Wasserstein optimal mapping between prescribed density functions. J. Optim. Theory Appl. 111 (2001), no. 2, 255--271. 49Q20 (49M30 65K10)

MR1878316 (2003d:46087) Biane, P.; Voiculescu, D. A free probability analogue of the Wasserstein metric on the trace-state space. Geom. Funct. Anal. 11 (2001), no. 6, 1125--1138. (Reviewer: Dimitri Y. Shlyakhtenko) 46L54

MR1915779 (2003d:62061) de Wet, T. Goodness-of-fit tests for location and scale families based on a weighted $L_2$-Wasserstein distance measure. Test 11 (2002), no. 1, 89--107. 62F05 (60G15 62E20). Zentralblatt MATH: 1037.62007

MR1936827 (2003h:28006) Belili, Nacereddine; Heinich, Henri Approximation pour la distance de Wasserstein. (French) [Approximation for the Wasserstein distance] C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 335 (2002), no. 6, 537--540. (Reviewer: Klaus D. Schmidt) 28A33 (60A10)

MR2058979 (2005k:62030) Cuesta-Albertos, Juan A.; Matrán Bea, Carlos; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Jesús M. Shape of a distribution through the $L_2$-Wasserstein distance. Distributions with given marginals and statistical modelling, 51--61, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht, 2002. 62E10 (62E17 62H05)

MR1964961 (2004b:60060) del Barrio, Eustasio; Giné, Evarist; Matrán, Carlos Correction: ``Central limit theorems for the Wasserstein distance between the empirical and the true distributions'' [Ann. Probab. 27 (1999), no. 2, 1009--1071; MR1698999 (2000g:60034)]. Ann. Probab. 31 (2003), no. 2, 1142--1143. 60F05 (60B12 62E20)

MR1983782 (2004c:49027) Carlen, E. A.; Gangbo, W. Constrained steepest descent in the 2-Wasserstein metric. Ann. of Math. (2) 157 (2003), no. 3, 807--846. (Reviewer: Luigi De Pascale) 49J45 (35Q99 49J10 60H15 82C35)

MR2073437 (2005f:60056) Haeusler, Erich; Mason, David M. Asymptotic distributions of trimmed Wasserstein distances between the true and the empirical distribution function. Stochastic inequalities and applications, 279--298, Progr. Probab., 56, Birkhäuser, Basel, 2003. (Reviewer: Lajos Horváth) 60F05 (62G30)

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2004-2006 12  items 

MR2048566 (2005b:82075) Carlen, E. A.; Gangbo, W. Solution of a model Boltzmann equation via steepest descent in the 2-Wasserstein metric. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 172 (2004), no. 1, 21--64. (Reviewer: Laurent E. Gosse) 82C40 (35D05 35K15 82C31)

MR2094049 (2005k:60231) Gibbs, Alison L. Convergence in the Wasserstein metric for Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms with applications to image restoration. Stoch. Models 20 (2004), no. 4, 473--492. (Reviewer: John P. Lehoczky) 60J20 (62M40)

MR2091496 (2005h:35304) Di Francesco, Marco; Markowich, Peter A. Entropy dissipation and Wasserstein metric methods for the viscous Burgers' equation: convergence to diffusive waves. Partial differential equations and inverse problems, 145--165, Contemp. Math., 362, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2004. (Reviewer: Alp O. Eden) 35Q53 (35B40 35K55)

MR2163983 (2006c:35147) Carrillo, J. A.; Toscani, G. Wasserstein metric and large-time asymptotics of nonlinear diffusion equations. New trends in mathematical physics, 234--244, World Sci. Publ., Hackensack, NJ, 2004. 35K57 (35B40 45K05 76T25 82C40 82C70)

MR2121458 (2005k:62135) del Barrio, Eustasio; Giné, Evarist; Utzet, Frederic Asymptotics for $L_2$ functionals of the empirical quantile process, with applications to tests of fit based on weighted Wasserstein distances. Bernoulli 11 (2005), no. 1, 131--189. (Reviewer: Lajos Horváth) 62G30 (60F05). Zbl 1063.62072

MR2192294 (2007c:28003) Otto, Felix; Westdickenberg, Michael Eulerian calculus for the contraction in the Wasserstein distance. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 37 (2005), no. 4, 1227--1255 (electronic). 28A33

MR2305058 Ambrosio, L. Gradient flows in metric spaces and in the Wasserstein space of probability measures. (Italian) Rend. Accad. Naz. Sci. XL Mem. Mat. Appl. (5) 29 (2005), no. 1, 15--33. 28A33 (49Q20)

MR2148889 (2006i:35052) Ambrosio, Luigi; Gigli, Nicola; Savaré, Giuseppe Gradient flows with metric and differentiable structures, and applications to the Wasserstein space. Atti Accad. Naz. Lincei Cl. Sci. Fis. Mat. Natur. Rend. Lincei (9) Mat. Appl. 15 (2004), no. 3-4, 327--343. (Reviewer: Gong Qing Zhang) 35J20 (28A33 35A15)

MR2209130 (2006j:76121) Carrillo, José A.; McCann, Robert J.; Villani, Cédric Contractions in the 2-Wasserstein length space and thermalization of granular media. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 179 (2006), no. 2, 217--263. (Reviewer: Benoˆıt P. Desjardins) 76M30 (35K57 58E50 76T25 82C40)

MR2250166 (2007j:49051) Brancolini, A.; Buttazzo, G.; Santambrogio, F. Path functionals over Wasserstein spaces. J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS) 8 (2006), no. 3, 415--434. (Reviewer: Luigi De Pascale) 49Q20 (28A33 49J45 58E10 90B10). Zbl 1130.49036 

MR2274850 (2008f:62025) Barbour, A. D.; Xia, Aihua On Stein's factors for Poisson approximation in Wasserstein distance. Bernoulli 12 (2006), no. 6, 943--954. (Reviewer: Dominic Schuhmacher) 62E17

MR2287892 (2007k:35315) Carrillo, José A.; Di Francesco, Marco; Lattanzio, Corrado Contractivity of Wasserstein metrics and asymptotic profiles for scalar conservation laws. J. Differential Equations 231 (2006), no. 2, 425--458. (Reviewer: Yu. G. Rykov) 35L65 (35B40)

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2007  5 items 

MR2255281 (2007k:35255) Carrillo, J. A.; Di Francesco, M.; Toscani, G. Strict contractivity of the 2-Wasserstein distance for the porous medium equation by mass-centering. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 135 (2007), no. 2, 353--363 (electronic). (Reviewer: Ross Pinsky) 35K57 (35B40 35K15)

MR2267755 (2007k:49001) Lisini, Stefano Characterization of absolutely continuous curves in Wasserstein spaces. Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations 28 (2007), no. 1, 85--120. (Reviewer: Paul Raynaud de Fitte) 49J10 (28A33 35Q35 49Q20)

MR2314463 (2008m:49206) Ambrosio, Luigi; Santambrogio, Filippo Necessary optimality conditions for geodesics in weighted Wasserstein spaces. Atti Accad. Naz. Lincei Cl. Sci. Fis. Mat. Natur. Rend. Lincei (9) Mat. Appl. 18 (2007), no. 1, 23--37. 49Q20 (35K55 49K05 76M30 76N10)

MR2339442 (2009d:35215) Carrillo, J. A.; Di Francesco, M.; Lattanzio, C. Contractivity and asymptotics in Wasserstein metrics for viscous nonlinear scalar conservation laws. Boll. Unione Mat. Ital. Sez. B Artic. Ric. Mat. (8) 10 (2007), no. 2, 277--292. 35L65 (28A33)

MR2343987 (2008f:35211) Tudorascu, Adrian Wasserstein kernels for one-dimensional diffusion problems. Nonlinear Anal. 67 (2007), no. 9, 2553--2572. (Reviewer: Toka Diagana) 35K57 (35D05 35R35 49M25)

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2008 16 items  (see VinTitle2 for for other 13 items)

MR2350420 (2009e:60010) Clement, Philippe; Desch, Wolfgang An elementary proof of the triangle inequality for the Wasserstein metric. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 136 (2008), no. 1, 333--339 (electronic). (Reviewer: Luigi De Pascale) 60B05 (49Q20)

MR2361303 (2009b:37101) Ambrosio, Luigi; Gangbo, Wilfred Hamiltonian ODEs in the Wasserstein space of probability measures. Comm. Pure Appl. Math. 61 (2008), no. 1, 18--53. (Reviewer: Cédric Villani) 37J05 (28A33 34F05 49J52 60B10)

MR2358290 (2009b:58014) Lott, John Some geometric calculations on Wasserstein space. Comm. Math. Phys. 277 (2008), no. 2, 423--437. (Reviewer: Cédric Villani) 58B20 (58J65)

MR2386101 (2009g:60007) Decreusefond, L. Wasserstein distance on configuration space. Potential Anal. 28 (2008), no. 3, 283--300. (Reviewer: Ali Süleyman Üstünel) 60B05 (60H07)

MR2389987 (2008m:35140) Tudorascu, Adrian On the Jordan-Kinderlehrer-Otto variational scheme and constrained optimization in the Wasserstein metric. Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations 32 (2008), no. 2, 155--173. 35K15 (35A15 35A35 46E35 46N20 49J45 49M25)

MR2395521 (2009c:35041) Di Francesco, Marco; Wunsch, Marcus Large time behavior in Wasserstein spaces and relative entropy for bipolar drift-diffusion-Poisson models. Monatsh. Math. 154 (2008), no. 1, 39--50. (Reviewer: Fucai Li) 35G25 (35B40 45M05 76X05 82D37)

MR2403310 (2010a:49064) Champion, Thierry; De Pascale, Luigi; Juutinen, Petri The $\infty$-Wasserstein distance: local solutions and existence of optimal transport maps. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 40 (2008), no. 1, 1--20. 49Q20 (49K30)

MR2417812 (2009e:53038) Figalli, A.; Juillet, N. Absolute continuity of Wasserstein geodesics in the Heisenberg group. J. Funct. Anal. 255 (2008), no. 1, 133--141. (Reviewer: Cédric Villani) 53C17 (22E25 49Q15)

MR2443374 (2010b:60009) Clément, Philippe; Desch, Wolfgang Wasserstein metric and subordination. Studia Math. 189 (2008), no. 1, 35--52. (Reviewer: Paul Raynaud de Fitte) 60B05 (28A33 47D06 54E35)

MR2452882 (2009k:58072) Daneri, Sara; Savaré, Giuseppe Eulerian calculus for the displacement convexity in the Wasserstein distance. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 40 (2008), no. 3, 1104--1122. (Reviewer: Chloé Jimenez) 58J65 (49J10)

MR2478676 Hairer, Martin; Mattingly, Jonathan C. Spectral gaps in Wasserstein distances and the 2D stochastic Navier-Stokes equations. Ann. Probab. 36 (2008), no. 6, 2050--2091. 35Q35 (35R60 47D07 60H15 76D05 76M35)

MR2482206 Ambrosio, Luigi; Gigli, Nicola Construction of the parallel transport in the Wasserstein space. Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (2008), no. 1, 1--29. (Reviewer: Koji Kikuchi) 49Q20 (28A33 35K55 47J35)

MR2483740 Bolley, F. Separability and completeness for the Wasserstein distance. Séminaire de probabilités XLI, 371--377, Lecture Notes in Math., 1934, Springer, Berlin, 2008. 60B05

MR2481677 Gangbo, Wilfrid; Nguyen, Truyen; Tudorascu, Adrian Hamilton-Jacobi equations in the Wasserstein space. Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (2008), no. 2, 155--183. 49L25 (47Jxx 82C40)

MR2487455 Walczuk, Anna Central limit theorem for an additive functional of a Markov process, stable in the Wesserstein metric. [Central limit theorem for an additive functional of a Markov process, stable in the Wasserstein metric] Ann. Univ. Mariae Curie-Skƚodowska Sect. A 62 (2008), 149--159. 60J25 (60F05)

MR2509579 Verde, Rosanna; Irpino, Antonio Comparing histogram data using a Mahalanobis-Wasserstein distance. COMPSTAT 2008---Proceedings in Computational Statistics, 77--89, Physica-Verlag/Springer, Heidelberg, 2008. 62G09 (62H11). Zbl 1147.62054

Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2009 15 items (see VinTitle2 for other 17 items)

MR2713745 Kim, Hwa Kil; Hamiltonian systems and the calculus of differential forms on the Wasserstein space. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Georgia Institute of Technology. 2009. 87 pp. ISBN: 978-1109-37242-7, ProQuest LLC, Thesis

MR2599206 (2011d:60108) Schachermayer, Walter; Schmock, Uwe; Teichmann, Josef Non-monotone convergence in the quadratic Wasserstein distance. Séminaire de Probabilités XLII, 131–136, Lecture Notes in Math., 1979, Springer, Berlin, 2009. (Reviewer: Liviu Constantin Florescu), 60F99 (28A99 91B24)

MR2503990 Ohta, Shin-ichi Gradient flows on Wasserstein spaces over compact Alexandrov spaces. Amer. J. Math. 131 (2009), no. 2, 475--516. 53Cxx (46Txx)

MR2501322 Xia, Aihua; Zhang, Fuxi Polynomial birth-death distribution approximation in the Wasserstein distance. J. Theoret. Probab. 22 (2009), no. 2, 294--310. 60F05 (60J27)

MR2505360 Gangbo, W.; Nguyen, T.; Tudorascu, A. Euler-Poisson systems as action-minimizing paths in the Wasserstein space. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 192 (2009), no. 3, 419--452. 37J50 (35G30 37N20 58Exx)

MR2523014 Petrelli, Luca; Kearsley, Anthony J. Wasserstein metric convergence method for Fokker-Planck equations with point controls. Appl. Math. Lett. 22 (2009), no. 7, 1130--1135. 35K20 (49J45)

MR2520126 Döring, Maik; Stannat, Wilhelm The logarithmic Sobolev inequality for the Wasserstein diffusion. Probab. Theory Related Fields 145 (2009), no. 1-2, 189--209. 31C25 (28Axx 35P15 47D07)

MR2537551 von Renesse, Max-K.; Sturm, Karl-Theodor Entropic measure and Wasserstein diffusion. Ann. Probab. 37 (2009), no. 3, 1114--1191. 60G57 (35R60 47D07 58J65 60J60)

MR2542579 Lisini, Stefano Nonlinear diffusion equations with variable coefficients as gradient flows in Wasserstein spaces. ESAIM Control Optim. Calc. Var. 15 (2009), no. 3, 712--740. 35K57 (28Axx 35B40 35K15)

MR2529165 Dostoglou, S.; Kahl, J. D. Approximation of homogeneous measures in the 2-Wasserstein metric. Math. Phys. Electron. J. 15 (2009), Paper 1, 19 pp. 60B10 (28Axx 35A35 49Q20)

MR2543873 Joulin, Aldéric A new Poisson-type deviation inequality for Markov jump processes with positive Wasserstein curvature. Bernoulli 15 (2009), no. 2, 532--549. 60J75

MR2543874 Schuhmacher, Dominic Stein's method and Poisson process approximation for a class of Wasserstein metrics. Bernoulli 15 (2009), no. 2, 550--568. 62E17

MR2533926 Gianazza, Ugo; Savaré, Giuseppe; Toscani, Giuseppe The Wasserstein gradient flow of the Fisher information and the quantum drift-diffusion equation. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 194 (2009), no. 1, 133--220. 35Qxx

MR2540269 Natile, Luca; Savaré, Giuseppe A Wasserstein approach to the one-dimensional sticky particle system. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 41 (2009), no. 4, 1340--1365. 35L65 (35L45 35Q35 76N15 82C22)

MR2555474 Hauray, Maxime Wasserstein distances for vortices approximation of Euler-type equations. Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. 19 (2009), no. 8, 1357--1384. 35Q31 (35L65)


Wasserstein in title from Math. Reviews 2010. 14 items  (see VinTitle2 for other 20  items )

MR2672546 Lisini, Stefano; Marigonda, Antonio On a class of modified Wasserstein distances induced by concave mobility functions defined on bounded intervals. Manuscripta Math. 133 (2010), no. 1-2, 197–224, 49Q20 (49J27 49J40)

MR2655156 Irpino, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna Clustering linear models using Wasserstein distance. Data analysis and classification, 41–48, Stud. Classification Data Anal. Knowledge Organ., Springer, Berlin, 2010, 62H30 (62J05)

MR2652014 Portegies, Jacobus W.; Peletier, Mark A. Well-posedness of a parabolic moving-boundary problem in the setting of Wasserstein gradient flows. Interfaces Free Bound. 12 (2010), no. 2, 121–150, 35Rxx (80Axx 82Dxx)

MR2644919 Bianchini, S.; Brancolini, A. Estimates on path functionals over Wasserstein spaces. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 42 (2010), no. 3, 1179–1217, 49Q20 (28A78 49K27 93B03)

MR2648273 Takatsu, Asuka On Wasserstein geometry of Gaussian measures. Probabilistic approach to geometry, 463–472, Adv. Stud. Pure Math., 57, Math. Soc. Japan, Tokyo, 2010. (Reviewer: Jonathan Henry Jordan), 60D05 (28A33). Zbl 1206.60016   

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