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Marzipan cookies:

Marzipan cookies:
4 cups of whole almonds (washed);
2 cups of sugar, 1 egg;
1/3 cup of oil, 1/3 cup of berries or  jam, 1/3 cup of vanilla;
2 cloves of garlic and similar amount of ginger;
baking powder, cinnamon, coriander, mace  (or nutmeg)- one  teaspoon total.

Mince all. Line a baking pan by   baking paper. Spread the mix thinly.
 Powder on top
with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, starch, and sugar.
Make the top  and edges smooth.
Bake 30 minutes at 400 F.
Take it out and cut the big rectangle into small squares by veggy cutter.
Continue to bake for another 30 min.
but stop before burning. Let it cool. Break into small squares.