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Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Score emails:

  • My email says I received a NO SCORE on the midterm exam.

If you did not take the exam on the regular test day, this is normal. Once you take the exam, your instructor can send you your score.

If you did take the exam on the regular test day, it is likely that there was a coding error on your scantron (missing test version or missing/incorrect ID number). Your instructor should send you your score within 3 business days.


  •  I forward my PSU email to a Gmail account and I never received a score email.

Check your spam folder; Google's spam filter will often catch the score emails.


  • My score email included the answer key, and it looks like my incorrect responses don't match up properly.

This is a result of the font being used to display your email, not an error in grading your test. Contact your instructor to clarify what problems you missed. Your score email contains directions to make the columns line up properly in Gmail as well.



  •  When accessing MyMathLab using the Safari browser, I receive a "siteid or abbrev" error.

You need to enable third-party cookies for MyMathLab. See for instructions.


  • I'm experiencing other technical issues with MyMathLab.

Please try the following:

1. Access MyMathLab using a different browser or computer. Internet Explorer in particular does not work well with MML at the moment.

2. Make sure your browser and Flash player are up-to-date, and that popups are enabled for the MML site.

3. Clear your browser's cache and history, close and reopen your browser.

4. Wait a few hours in case the issue lies with Pearson's servers.

If you still experience problems after trying all of the above, contact the course coordinator.


  •  How many attempts do I have for each homework problem?

In most cases, you have 3 attempts per problem. Most multiple-choice problems will give you fewer than 3 attempts.

  •  What happens if I fail to complete a homework before the deadline?

If you feel you have reason to request an extension, contact your instructor IMMEDIATELY. You can continue to work on incomplete homework problems after the due date, but you will NOT receive credit for those problems if you attempt them without a due date extension.

  • (Math 21 only) Why do some of my homework assignments have a green flag next to them?

These assignments have a prerequisite "Show me what I know" quiz (found in the Quizzes tab). If you master an objective in the quiz, you will receive automatic credit for any homework problems that test the same objective. The quizzes are ungraded; if you want to do all the homework problems, you can submit the quiz without attempting it to open up the homework.

  • I am in the correct MyMathLab course (i.e. MATH 022), but not in the correct section (i.e. I am in MML Section 1 but my classroom section is 2).

Register in the correct section using the Course ID (a list of Course IDs can be found on the departmental course webpages) Use your current MML username to register. You will not need to purchase a new access code to register into a new section. Once you have registered for the correct section, email the course coordinator to transfer your gradebook and  have your account deactivated in the old course.