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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Math 110 Advising Notes


Several remarks are in order at this point:

  1. The Mathematics Department strongly recommends that the first mathematics course you complete is the course in which you placed based on the Mathematics Placement testing, or a course prerequisite to the one in which you placed.  The department discourages students from taking a course at a "higher level" than the course in which you placed.

  2. At University Park, the path of courses to MATH 110 is as follows:

  3. MATH 004   to   MATH 021  to   MATH 022   to   MATH 110

  4. Any student who is required to begin at a course in the above sequence should plan to complete all courses in the sequence (from their starting course) until they reach MATH 110.  Skipping courses in the middle of this sequence is strongly discouraged.  

At this time, if you still want to consider taking a course at a level higher than the course recommended on your Mathematics Placement, please click here.