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Mathematics Course Placement

Mathematics Course Placement

As you consider how to begin your mathematics studies here at Penn State University Park, you should know that the Mathematics Department desires to see you begin your academic career on a solid footing. We believe it is in your best interest to begin at an appropriate level of mathematics, one in which you can succeed in learning the material. Because mathematics (especially algebra, trigonometry, and calculus) builds upon itself in such a fundamental way, it is imperative that you build a strong mathematical foundation upon which to complete your major program of study.

Please note the following general guideline:

  • If you are in a program of study which requires you to complete calculus, then the Mathematics Department strongly recommends that the first mathematics course you complete is the course in which you placed based on the Mathematics Placement testing, or a course prerequisite to the one in which you placed. The department discourages students from taking a course at a higher level than the course in which you placed.
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