The upgrade path to the most powerful and satisfying computer:

  1. Pocket calculator
  2. Commodore Pet / Apple II / TRS 80 / Commodore 64 / Timex Sinclair (Choose any of the above)
  3. Apple Macintosh
  4. IBM PC
  5. Fastest workstation of the time (HP, DEC, IBM, SGI: your choice)
  6. Minicomputer (HP, DEC, IBM, SGI: your choice)
  7. Mainframe (IBM, Cray, DEC: your choice)
And then you reach the pinnacle of modern computing facilities:


Yes, you just sit back and do all of your computing through lowly graduate students. Imagine the advantages:

So forget your Babbage Engines and abacuses (abaci?) and PortaBooks and DEK 666-3D's and all that other silicon garbage. The wave of the future is in wetware, so invest in graduate students today! You'll never go back!