Onodi Files: Part Three

Hungarian Gymnastics

This is the part three of the Onodi Files, covering Hungarian Gymnastics in general. Like other parts of Onodi Files, many pieces of information within are obtained from the GYMN-L forum.


Page 2: Team Hungary Rosters
- rosters of (recent) Hungarian Olympics and World Championships women's gymnastics teams


Address of Hungarian Gymnastics Federation

If you need to contact the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation (e.g. for them to forward your fan mail to a Hungarian gymnast), here is the mailing address:

(Gymnast's name)
Magyar Torna Szoevetseg
Dozsa Gyorgy ut 1-3
1143 Budapest

There is no known e-mail address for the federation yet.

If you would like to write to Henrietta, you can find more information about how to do so in the section Write to Henrietta


Hungarian gymnastics system

Quotes taken from "Henrietta Onodi - Earning world-wide respect, and medals, for Hungary" by Lilian Marcolina (International Gymnast, March 1990, p48-49). The answers are given by Marta Maraczi, a Hungarian coach. For some highlights of an interview of Henrietta given in the same article, see Highlights from the pages of IG.

Q: How popular is gymnastics in Hungary?
A: Gymnastics is not at all as popular as, for example, soccer. Gymnastics as a sport isn't promoted very well. And Hungarian men's gymnastics has been more successful in producing European, world, and Olympic champions.

Q: Can you tell us about the gymnastics system in Hungary?
A: There are about 200 to 300 reasonably good gym clubs in Hungary. There are eight clubs that belong to the A-category, the top clubs, so to speak. And they compete on a national level. We don't have many competitions, though. As for the selection of gymnasts, the coaches of these top clubs work with 20 to 30 gymnasts out of which, after a long period, remain just three or four excellent gymnasts. The system doesn't necessarily prove to be a success all the time, but we do our best.


Hungarian Olympics AA results(1972 - 1996)

1996 (Atlanta, USA): (qualifying score in parentheses)

Adrienn Varga- 37.592, 28th (75.923, 28th)
Adrienn Nyeste- 37.237, 30th (75.810, 32nd)
Nikolett Krausz- 36.936, 32nd (74.173, 48th)

[Henrietta Onodi scored 66.110 in 7 routines during the team competition. Had she been chosen to perform the compulsory UB routine, she would only need a score of 8.07 on it for her to advance to the AA competition, bumping off Krausz, who was the last (36th) gymnast to qualify for AA.]

1992 (Barcelona, Spain):

Henrietta Onodi- 39.449, 8th
Andrea Molnar- 39.237, 15th

1988 (Seoul, South Korea):

Eszter Ovary- 77.675, 19th (final: 38.925, prelim: 38.750)
Beata Storczer- 77.400, tied 23rd (final: 38.775, prelim: 38.625)
Andrea Ladanyi- 76.975, 27th (final: 38.350, prelim: 38.625)

1980 (Moscow, USSR):

Erika Flander- 77.000, 13th (final: 38.400, prelim: 38.600)
Marta Egervari- 76.950, 14th (final: 38.700, prelim: 38.250)
Erika Csanyi- 76.600, 17th (final: 37.850, prelim: 38.750)

1976 (Montreal, Canada):

Marta Egervari- 77.325, 7th (final: 38.950, prelim: 38.525)
Krisztina Medveczky- 75.975, 13th (final: 37.900, prelim: 38.075)
Margit Toth- 75.575, 17th (final: 37.550, prelim: 38.025)

1972 (Munich, West Germany):

Ilona Bekesi- 74.950, 9th (final: 37.750, prelim: 37.200)
Krisztina Medveczky- 74.450, 13th (final: 37.650, prelim: 36.800)
Monica Csaszar- 74.425, 14th (final: 37.500, prelim: 36.925)
Aniko Kery- 74.000, 17th (final: 37.300, prelim: 36.700)
Marta Keleman- 72.150, 34th (final: 35.650, prelim: 36.500)


Hungarian women's gymnastics Olympic individual medalists

(See team rosters section for team result.)

Margit Korondi (Gold- UB, Bronze- AA,BB,FX)
Agnes Keleti (Gold- FX, Bronze- UB)

Agnes Keleti (Gold- UB,BB, Silver- AA,FX)
Olga Tass (Bronze- V)

Katalin Makrai (Silver- UB)
Aniko Ducza (bronze- FX)

Marta Egervari (Bronze- UB)

Henrietta Onodi (Gold- V, Silver- FX)


Info/trivia of other Hungarian female gymnasts

Krisztina Kovacs
Birthdate: May 30, 1974 (just 8 days younger than Henrietta)

Henrietta's training partner at Bekescsaba in the early day, Kovacs is a gifted gymnast on her own right, showing lots of promises in the late 1980's. She would have be a nice complement to Henrietta on the Hungarian Team in the early 1990's. Unfortunately, she was forced to retire about 1990 because of a back problem.

Adrienn Varga

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