60 Minutes misreport on Benghazi

A few weeks ago, I watched 60 minutes's report on the 2012 Benghazi attack on a US embassy (official report). It was very compelling, and seemed to raise allot of questions about the decision making revolving around the attach. ( Looks like CBS is trying to scrub all evidence of the report off the internet, but here is one link to a transcript. )

Well, turns out "60 minutes" messed up. First, there was a report that their witness told his employer a different story and was also promoting a book. Then we found out the story he gave the FBI was also different.

Now, 60 minutes and CBS have acknowledged an issue and given an apology. That's good. But the apology really seems to have left me with more questions than answers. I cann't tell if they are just retracting that interview segment, or if there were any other parts of the reporting that were reported incorrectly at a result of the interviews with their fake-witness. And it looks like my concerns have support, and that there may have been allot of other flaws with the report.

UPDATE 2013-11-16: CBS has released a better report now, which makes things clearer. This update ties things together better.