Tim Reluga, PhD

Dr. Reluga was an undergraduate at Tufts, and did his doctoral work in population biology in applied mathematics at the University of Washington with advisor Mark Kot. He did postdoctoral work at Yale with Alison Galvani and at Los Alamos with Alan Perelson, before moving to Penn State in 2007. His position is joint between mathematics and biology, and he is a member of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (CIDD) and the Center for Pollinator Research. He's also very interested in Network Science these days.

Curriculum Vitae.

Guoliang Fang

Guoliang completed his bachelors in Mathematics at Beijing Normal University in 2006, and he is currently working on his doctoral degree.

Dongmei Zhang

Dongmei Zhang is currently a Ph. D. student in Mathematics at Penn State, studying various mathematical aspects of economic epidemiology in structured populations.

Jing Li, PhD

Jing was a postdoc working with me from 2010 to 2012. Now, she's a professor at Cal State Northridge, in California. For more information, see Dr. Li's web page