Penn State Summer Research in Applied Mathematics

Welcome to the website for the Penn State mathematics department's fourth annual summer undergraduate research program in applied mathematics. This summer, we have an REU (research experience for undergraduates) program for a few undergraduate students to learn more about applied mathematics and scientific computing, and to work on undergraduate research projects. The program will run on our University Park campus for 8 weeks, from May 16th to July 15th, with the week of July 5th off for the holiday.


The program will be similar to last year's, and consist of several parts -- an independent mentored research project, a two week introductory course to scientific computing (including python, R, shell-scripting, and whatever else we can fit in), a week-long crash course in scientific communications (including mathematical writing, publishing, and presentation), and a lecture series introducing you to many areas of applied mathematics. We'll also work in some classic lore about the consequences of bad math.

Student participants

If you have questions, you can contact Tim Reluga to learn more and express your interest.