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Dynamical systems seminar

Mondays from 03:35pm to 04:35pm in MB114

31 Aug 2015Adam Kanigowski, Penn StateSlow entropy for smooth flows on surfaces
7 Sep 2015NO SEMINARLabor Day
14 Sep 2015Steven Frankel, Yale UniversityCoarse hyperbolicity and closed orbits for quasigeodesic flows
21 Sep 2015Kurt Vinhage, Penn StateExtending cases of smooth rigidity by new technology.
28 Sep 2015Yakov Pesin, Penn StateSinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures for non-uniformly hyperbolic maps.
5 Oct 2015Marian Gidea, Yeshiva UniversityA geometric mechanism for Arnold diffusion in the a priori stable case
12 Oct 2015 NO SEMINAR
19 Oct 2015Stafano Luzzatto, ICPT TriesteLiftability of hyperbolic measures to Young Towers
26 Oct 2015Umberto Hryniewicz, Institute of Mathematics, University of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSystolic inequalities in symplectic geometry
2 Nov 2015Joel Fish, University of Massachusetts, BostonFeral pseudoholomorhpic curves and minimal subsets
9 Nov 2015Enrique Pujals, Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, BrazilOn a conjecture of Charles Tresser about surfaces diffeomorphisms in the boundary of chaos
16 Nov 2015Alex Furman, University of Illinois at ChicagoAsymptotic shapes for ergodic families of metrics on nilpotent groups
23 Nov 2015NO SEMINARThanksgiving break
30 Nov 2015Diana Davis, Northwestern UniversityCutting sequences and dual relationships for Bouw-Möller surfaces
7 Dec 2015Alena Erchenko, Penn StateFlexibility of topological and metric entropies for surfaces of negative curvature.

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