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Tensor Networks and Applications Seminar (2013 Archive)

Mondays from 04:00pm to 05:30pm in MB315

9 Sep 2013 To Be Announced
16 Sep 2013Sara Jamshidi, Penn State UniversityWhat are Tensor Networks?
23 Sep 2013Jacob Turner, Penn State UniversityDichotomy Theorems for Constraint Satisfaction Problems Modeled with Tensor Networks
30 Sep 2013Nai-Hui Chia, Penn State UniversityLocal Hamiltonian Problem - quantum generalization of constraint satisfaction problem
7 Oct 2013Jason Morton, Penn State UniversityTensor Network Models in Physics
21 Oct 2013Jacob Turner, Penn State UniversityIntroduction to Invariant Theory
28 Oct 2013Jacob Turner, Penn State UniversityInvariant Theory, Part 2
4 Nov 2013Sara Jamshidi, Penn State UniversityInequivalent Quantum Entanglements
11 Nov 2013Yufei Shen, Penn State UniversitySome Topics in Quantum Physics
18 Nov 2013Ville Bergholm, ISI FoundationA Tensor Network Theory of Operator-State and Channel-Operator Dualities
2 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
9 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
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