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Game Theory Seminar (2012 Archive)

Thursdays from 01:00pm to 02:00pm in MB114

18 Oct 2012Eli Byrne, Dept of Mathematics and Applied Research Laboratory, PSUModeling Marvin Minsky: Game Theoretic Implications of The Society of Mind
25 Oct 2012 To Be Announced
1 Nov 2012 To Be Announced
8 Nov 2012 To Be Announced
15 Nov 2012Kyle Wray, Depts of Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied Research Laboratory, PSUImitation Dynamics of Altruists and Egoists in an Overlapping Neighborhood Local Interaction Network Model
29 Nov 2012
Dongmei Zhang, Dept of Mathematics, Penn State UniversityRational behavior in an epidemic game
6 Dec 2012 To Be Announced
13 Dec 2012 To Be Announced
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