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Department of Mathematics Colloquium (2013 Archive)

Thursdays from 03:35pm to 04:25pm in MB114

The Colloquium is preceded by refreshments (departmental tea) at 3:15 PM.
31 Jan 2013Alexandre Kirillov, University of PennsylvaniaGeneralized exponents, family algebras and representations with simple spectrum
7 Feb 2013Vitali Bergelson, Ohio State UniversityQuasirandom groups
14 Feb 2013Dima Burago, Penn State UniversityA mozaic of mathematical problems
28 Feb 2013Ping Xu, Penn State UniversitySymplectic realizations of Poisson manifolds
14 Mar 2013Tom Beale, Duke UniversityNumerical methods for interfaces in fluids and regularizing effects in difference equations
21 Mar 2013Yuan Lou, Ohio State UniversityEvolutionarily stable strategies for dispersal in heterogeneous environments
28 Mar 2013Jainendra Jain, Penn State UniversityComposite fermions: magical beauty of emergence
4 Apr 2013Leon Takhtajan, Stony Brook UniversitySymplectic geometry of the moduli of ordinary differential equations
18 Apr 2013Sanju Velani, University of YorkMetric Diophantine approximation: the Lebesgue and Hausdorff theories
25 Apr 2013David Ben-Zvi, University of Texas at AustinTraces, fixed points, characters, loops
29 Aug 2013Robert Miura, New Jersey Institute of TechnologyA model for cortical spreading depression with neurovascular coupling
5 Sep 2013 Department Meeting
12 Sep 2013Joel Hass, UC DavisThe complexity of recognizing the 3-sphere
3 Oct 2013Huai-Dong Cao, Lehigh UniversityGeometry of Ricci solitons
10 Oct 2013Roger Howe, Yale UniversityHibi rings in invariant theory
17 Oct 2013Amie Wilkinson, University of ChicagoRobust mechanisms for chaotic dynamics
31 Oct 2013Sal Torquato, Princeton UniversityGeometry and physics in high-dimensional Euclidean spaces
7 Nov 2013Ken Ono, Emory UniversitySpecial numbers and special functions
14 Nov 2013Krishnaswami Alladi, University of FloridaGeorge Andrews and the Gollnitz theorem
21 Nov 2013Don Saari, UC IrvineMathematics and the astronomical mystery of "Dark Matter"
5 Dec 2013 Department Meeting
12 Dec 2013Peter Constantin, Princeton UniversityRegularity, long-time behavior and absence of anomalous dissipation of energy for the forced 2D Surface Quasigeostrophic Equation
19 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
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