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Department of Mathematics Colloquium (2011 Archive)

Thursdays from 04:00pm to 05:00pm in MB114

The Colloquium is preceded by refreshments (departmental tea) at 3:15 PM.
13 Jan 2011Alex Iosevich, University of RochesterOn some geometric and combinatorial consequences of Fourier analytic inequalities
27 Jan 2011Douglas Arnold, University of MinnesotaFinite element exterior calculus: where numerical PDE meets topology
3 Feb 2011Anatole Katok, Penn StateDynamics, homotopy and rigidity
17 Feb 2011Jack Lutz, Iowa State UniverstyThe Dimensions of Individual Points in Euclidean Space
24 Feb 2011Claude Le Bris, Ecole des Ponts Paris TechMultiscale modelling of random materials: some recent mathematical and numerical progress
3 Mar 2011Vladimir Dragovic, MI SANU Belgrade and GFM, University of LisbonDiscriminantly separable polynomials and Kowalevski integrability
17 Mar 2011Van Vu, Rutgers UniversityComplete Sequences
24 Mar 2011Albert Fathi, ENS de Lyon, FranceLyapunov Functions: Towards an Aubry-Mather theory for homeomorphisms?
7 Apr 2011Wen Shen and Ae Ya Yee, Penn State1. PDE models for granular flow and slow erosion 2. Generalized Rogers-Ramanujan-Gordon identities revisited
14 Apr 2011Xiantao Li and Anna Mazzucato, Penn State1. Reduction of molecular models of solids 2. On the analysis of incompressible fluids at high Reynolds numbers
21 Apr 2011Robert Jarrow, Cornell UniversityThe Meaning of Market Efficiency
28 Apr 2011Richard James, University of MinnesotaAn invariant manifold in molecular dynamics and its macroscopic implications
8 Sep 2011Ram Murty, Queens UniversityThe Fibonacci Zeta Function
22 Sep 2011Federico Rodriguez HertzInteractions of topology and measure rigidity
29 Sep 2011Michael Gekthman, University of Notre DameFrom discrete integrable systems to cluster algebras and back
6 Oct 2011Aaron Abrams, Department of Mathematics Emory UniversityDiscretized configuration spaces
13 Oct 2011Roger Baker, Brigham Young UniversitySome problems in prime number theory
20 Oct 2011Konstantin Khanin, Department of Mathematics University of Toronto and Landau Institute of Theoretical PhysicsRenormalization and Rigidity
27 Oct 2011Valentin Ovsienko, University of Lyon, FranceA big familly of algebras: quaternions, octonions and other cousins
3 Nov 2011John Schotland, University of Michigan, Ann ArborInverse problems in optical imaging
10 Nov 2011Melvin Leok, UCSDGeneral Techniques for Constructing Variational Integrators
17 Nov 2011Alberto Bressan, Penn State UniversityAn Invitation to Differential Games
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