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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Department of Mathematics Colloquium (2010 Archive)

Thursdays from 04:00pm to 05:00pm in MB114

The Colloquium is preceded by refreshments (departmental tea) at 3:15 PM.
21 Jan 2010Richard Shore, Cornell UniversityCalibrating the complexity of mathematical proofs and constructions
28 Jan 2010Ilijas Farah, York University, OntarioGraphs and uniformly hyperfinite C*-algebras
4 Feb 2010Su Gao, University of North TexasFree Bernoulli subflows and group colorings
18 Feb 2010Igor Rodnianski, Princeton UniversityEvolution problem in General Relativity
25 Feb 2010R. Daniel Mauldin, University of North TexasSteinhaus' lattice problem: Simultaneous tilings of R^2
4 Mar 2010Theodore Slaman, University of California at BerkeleyEffective Randomness and Continuous Measures
18 Mar 2010Michael Hochman, Princeton UniversitySumsets, fractals and dynamics
1 Apr 2010Joseph S. Miller, University of WisconsinExtracting randomness is hard
8 Apr 2010John Hunter, University of California at DavisSurface waves
15 Apr 2010H. Jerome Keisler, University of WisconsinRandomized models and continuous logic
22 Apr 2010
2:30pm - 3:30pm
Alexander Kechris, California Institute of TechnologyBorel combinatorics and ergodic theory
29 Apr 2010Fadil Santosa, IMA, University of MinnesotaAn inverse problem arising in photolithography
9 Sep 2010Brian Conrad, Stanford UniversityFiniteness for Tamagawa numbers
16 Sep 2010Yu. Baryshnikov, Bell LabsCaging and linking
23 Sep 2010Anatoly Nieshtadt, Loughborough University, UKAveraging, passages through resonances, and captures into resonance in dynamics of charged particles
30 Sep 2010David Futer, Temple UniversityFrom combinatorics to geometry for knots and 3-manifolds
7 Oct 2010Richard Kenyon, Brown UniversityDimers and integrability
14 Oct 2010Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt UniversitySolving equations in groups
21 Oct 2010Michael Lyubich, SUNY Stony BrookRenormalization in the Henon family
28 Oct 2010Amadeu Delshams, Universitat Politecnica de CatalunyaGlobal instability in mechanical systems via geometrical methods
4 Nov 2010Kenneth Gross, University of VermontRamanujan’s Master Theorem, Then and Now
11 Nov 2010Ron Perline, Drexel UniversityLocalized Induction Equation and Integrable Curve Dynamics
18 Nov 2010Richard Schwartz, Brown UniversityThompson's problem for 5 electrons
2 Dec 2010Robert Finn, StanfordFloating Bodies in Equilibrium
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