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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Department of Mathematics Colloquium (2009 Archive)

Thursdays from 04:00pm to 05:00pm in MB114

The Colloquium is preceded by refreshments (departmental tea) at 3:15 PM.
22 Jan 2009Alexander Shen, University of Marseille and Institute for Information Transmission Problems, MoscowAlgorithmic randomness
29 Jan 2009David Vogan, MITSignatures of Hermitian forms and unitary representations
5 Feb 2009Dror Bar-Natan, University of Toronto(u, v, and w knots) x (topology, combinatorics, low algebra, and high algebra)
12 Feb 2009Victor Ivrii, University of TorontoDynamics and Spectral Asymptotics
26 Feb 2009Walter Craig, McMaster UniversityOn the dimension of the Navier - Stokes singular set
5 Mar 2009Sergey Fomin, University of MichiganCluster algebras
19 Mar 2009Helmut Hofer, Courant InstitutePeriodic orbits in symplectic geometry and the Weinstein Conjecture
2 Apr 2009Camillo de Lellis, University of Zurichh-Principle and fluid dynamics
9 Apr 2009Lizhen Ji, University of MichiganCoarse Schottky Problem
23 Apr 2009Ken Stephenson, University of TennesseeSpontaneous Geometry: from Circles to Conformal Structure to Brain Imaging
30 Apr 2009F. Nazarov, University of WisconsinZeroes of random analytic functions
3 Sep 2009Ilia Itenberg, University of Strasbourg and MSRITropical Welschinger invariants
24 Sep 2009Matthias Weber, Indiana UniversityMinimal Surfaces of Small Genus
1 Oct 2009Emmanuel Kowalski, ETH, ZurichSieves and their applications
8 Oct 2009Bakh Khoussainov, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Cornell UniversityA journey into computable structures
15 Oct 2009Frederick Cohen, University of RochesterGeneralized moment-angle complexes
22 Oct 2009Boris Khesin, University of TorontoHolomorphic linking numbers
29 Oct 2009G. Forni, University of MarylandInvariant distribution and scaling for parabolic flows
12 Nov 2009Robert Ghrist, University of PennsylvaniaEuler Integration for Data
19 Nov 2009S. Bolotin, University of Wisconsin and Moscow Steklov Mathematical InstituteSecond species solutions of the 3 body problem
3 Dec 2009S. Weinberger, University of ChicagoPoincare duality and aspherical manifolds
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