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Seminar on Mathematics in the Bio and Geo Sciences (2012 Archive)

Wednesdays from 01:00pm to 02:00pm in MB106

A new seminar focused on mathematical problems arising
in various areas of biology or the geophysical sciences (or both),
held in 106 McAllister Building.

1 Feb 2012Peter J. Butler, Dept of Bioengineering, Penn StateDynamics of membranes and molecules at the endothelial cell surface
29 Feb 2012Reka Albert, Dept of Physics, Penn StateOn the promise of Boolean modeling of biological regulatory networks
14 Mar 2012Rudy Slingerland, Dept of Geosciences, Penn StateRiver deltas as self-organized morphodynamic systems
4 Apr 2012Sonja Petrovic, Dept of Statistics, Penn StatePhylogenetics and algebraic geometry: Identifiability of two-tree mixtures under group-based models
11 Apr 2012Lyle Long, Dept of Aerospace Engineering, Penn StateComputational approaches to solving the Hodgkin-Huxley equations from neuroscience
18 Apr 2012 To Be Announced
25 Apr 2012 To Be Announced
2 May 2012 To Be Announced
9 May 2012 To Be Announced
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