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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Probability and Financial Mathematics Seminar

Fridays from 03:35pm to 04:35pm in MB106

20 Dec 2013 To Be Announced
3 Jan 2014 To Be Announced
10 Jan 2014 To Be Announced
17 Jan 2014 To Be Announced
24 Jan 2014Manfred Denker, PSUSubstitution Markov Chains
31 Jan 2014Alexei Novikov, PSUHomogenization driven by a fractional Brownian motion
7 Feb 2014Hongyuan Lu, PSU, Industr. & Manufact. EngineeringGaussian Limits for A Fork-Join Network with Non-Exchangeable Synchronization in Heavy Traffic
14 Feb 2014 See Math Colloquium on Thursday
21 Feb 2014Alexei Novikov, Penn StateAnomalous Diffusion in Cellular Flows
28 Feb 2014Welington Cordeiro, Fderal University of Rio de JaneiroOn C^1 diffeomorphisms, homoclinic classes and hyperbolic properties
7 Mar 2014 To Be Announced
21 Mar 2014Jason Morton, Penn State UniversityDistributions represented by restricted Boltzmann machines
28 Mar 2014 To Be Announced
4 Apr 2014Xiaofei Zheng, Penn State UniversityPerfection cocycles through stochastic differential equations
11 Apr 2014 RESERVED
18 Apr 2014Wen Cheng, JP MorganCANCELED (RESERVED)
25 Apr 2014Sandra Cerrai, University of Maryland, College Park and University of Florence, ItalyThe Smoluchowskii-Kramers approximation and the large deviation principle for SPDEs
2 May 2014Weining Kang, University of Maryland/BaltimoreTo Be Announced
9 May 2014 To Be Announced

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