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PMASS Colloquium (2012 Archive)

Thursdays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB113

This is a bi-weekly series of lectures "Initiation in Mathematics" by Penn State research faculty and visitors. It is a component of the new "pre-MASS" (PMASS) program aimed at freshman/sophomore level students, but everybody is welcome to attend. The lectures will be broad in scope and not very technical.
19 Jan 2012Mark Levi, The Pennsylvania State UniversityPhysical discoveries and proofs of mathematical theorems
9 Feb 2012Jana Rodriguez Hertz, IMERL, UruguayLake fish population estimates and mixing properties
23 Feb 2012Jan Reimann, The Pennsylvania State UniversityThe Continuum Hypothesis
15 Mar 2012Eugene Wayne, Boston UniversityThe Navier-Stokes equations
22 Mar 2012Amie Wilkinson, University of ChicagoThe first digit
5 Apr 2012John Roe, The Pennsylvania State UniversityBeing right more often can make you more wrong
19 Apr 2012Vladimir Retakh, Rutgers UniversityCommutative and Noncommutative Symmetric Functions
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