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PMASS Colloquium (2011 Archive)

Thursdays from 02:30pm to 03:20pm in MB113

This is a bi-weekly series of lectures "Initiation in Mathematics" by Penn State research faculty and visitors. It is a component of the new "pre-MASS" (PMASS) program aimed at freshman/sophomore level students, but everybody is welcome to attend. The lectures will be broad in scope and not very technical.
20 Jan 2011John Roe, The Pennsylvania State UniversityMorley’s theorem
3 Feb 2011Sergei Tabachnikov, The Pennsylvania State UniversityEquiareal dissections
17 Feb 2011Anatole Katok, The Pennsylvania State UniversityBilliard table as a mathematician's playground
3 Mar 2011Vladimir Dragovic, MI SANU Belgrade/ GFM, University of LisbonTheorems of Poncelet and Marden -- two of the most beautiful theorems
17 Mar 2011Vaughn Climenhaga, University of Maryland visiting the Pennsylvania State UniversityThe bigness of things
31 Mar 2011Omri Sarig, The Pennsylvania State UniversitySymbolic dynamics
21 Apr 2011George Andrews, The Pennsylvania State UniversityRamanujan, Fibonacci numbers, and continued fractions
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