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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Geometry Luncheon Seminar

Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 01:30pm in MB114

Lunch served from about 12:05, talk begins about 12:25 and lasts about 40 minutes. Informal style - questions encouraged - okay to grab food during the talk if that's your schedule!
13 Jan 2016 To Be Announced
20 Jan 2016Dong Chen, PSUPositive metric entropy arises between some KAM tori
27 Jan 2016Dave Penneys, UCLAClassifying small quantum symmetries
3 Feb 2016 To Be Announced
10 Feb 2016 To Be Announced
17 Feb 2016 To Be Announced
24 Feb 2016 To Be Announced
2 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
9 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
16 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
23 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
30 Mar 2016 To Be Announced
6 Apr 2016Elena Frenkel, University of StrasbourgProof of Schläfli formula using Integral Geometry.
13 Apr 2016Sergei Ivanov, Steklov Institute, SPb, visiting PennStateDiscretization in PDEs and convolution Laplacians on metric-measure spaces
20 Apr 2016Fedor Nazarov, Kent UniversityDavid-Semmes conjecture and reflectionless measures.
27 Apr 2016Bruce Kleiner, Courant, NYU“Rigidity of product structure and bi-Lipschitz homeomorphisms of Carnot groups”

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