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Seminar on Probability and its Application (2012 Archive)

Fridays from 02:20pm to 03:20pm in MB106

13 Jan 2012David Anderson, University of WisconsinComputational methods for continuous time Markov chains with applications to biological processes
20 Jan 2012 NO Seminar: Joint with Financial Math Seminar
27 Jan 2012 To Be Announced
3 Feb 2012 To Be Announced
10 Feb 2012Jinho Baik, University of MichiganLatency analysis for a tandem of queues with exponentially distributed service times
17 Feb 2012 To Be Announced
24 Feb 2012Peter van de Ven, IBM T.J. Watson Research LabStochastic models for random-access wireless networks
2 Mar 2012 No meeting
9 Mar 2012 Spring Break
16 Mar 2012 To Be Announced
23 Mar 2012Karl Sigman, Columbia UniversityExact Simulation of the Stationary Distribution of M/G/c and Other Queues
30 Mar 2012Mikhail Gordin, POMI, St. PetersburgCanonical von Mises statistics of a measure preserving transformation: limiting behavior
6 Apr 2012Sabrina Kombrink, University of BremenMinkowski content of self-conformal sets
13 Apr 2012Mikhail Gordin, POMI, St. PetersburgPoisson limit for two-dimensional toral automorphisms driven by a continued fraction
27 Apr 2012 To Be Announced
4 May 2012 To Be Announced
11 May 2012 To Be Announced
24 Aug 2012 To Be Announced
31 Aug 2012 Organizational Meeting
7 Sep 2012Jun Masamune, PSU AltoonaConservativeness and recurrence of Brownian motion on a weighted manifold in terms of Green's formula at infinity
14 Sep 2012Alexei Novikov, Penn State UniversityFrom homogenization to averaging in cellular flows
21 Sep 2012Manfred Denker, Penn State UniversityProbability and Dynamics-A Survey
28 Sep 2012Guodong Pang, Pennsylvania State UniversityFluid limits of many-server queues with delayed feedback and differentiated patience times
5 Oct 2012Guido Montufar, Penn State UniversityUniversally Typical Sets for Ergodic Sources of Multidimensional Data
12 Oct 2012 To Be Announced
19 Oct 2012 To Be Announced
26 Oct 2012 To Be Announced
2 Nov 2012W.A. Woyczynski, Case Western Reserve UniversityNonlinear and Nonlocal Evolution Equations Driven by Levy Diffusions: Porous Media and Evolutionary Ecology
9 Nov 2012Henry Lam, Boston UniversityRobust sensitivity analysis for stochastic systems
16 Nov 2012 To Be Announced
23 Nov 2012 To Be Announced
30 Nov 2012Brian Nowakowski, Penn State UniversityStochastic Integration of Two-Parameter Semimartingales and Weak Convergence
7 Dec 2012Brian Nowakowski, Penn State UniversityStochastic Integration of Two-Parameter Semimartingales and Weak Convergence II
14 Dec 2012Wenbo Li, University of DelawareSmall Value Probabilities and Applications
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