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Seminar on Probability and its Application (2011 Archive)

Fridays from 02:20pm to 03:20pm in MB106

14 Jan 2011 To Be Announced
21 Jan 2011David Koslicki, PSUTopological Entropy of Finite Sequences
28 Jan 2011Manfred Denker, PSUA generalized Bernoulli theorem and discrete probability distributions
4 Feb 2011 To Be Announced
11 Feb 2011Guodong Pang, PSUTwo-parameter heavy-traffic limits for infinite-server queues
18 Feb 2011Manfred Denker, PSUErdos-Renyi laws
25 Feb 2011Jun Masamune, Penn State University AltoonaOn stochastic completeness of a jump process and its application to graphs
4 Mar 2011 No Talk
11 Mar 2011Spring breakTo Be Announced
25 Mar 2011Jason Morton, PSUCategorical graphical models
1 Apr 2011Michael Keane, Wesleyan UniversityUnderstanding Averages
8 Apr 2011Aleksandre Stolyar, Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-LucentLoad balancing in systems with large flexible server pools
15 Apr 2011Frederi G. Viens, Purdue UniversityMalliavin calculus, density estimates, and Stein's lemma.
22 Apr 2011Weining Kang, University of MarylandPerformance Analysis of Many-server Queues with Reneging
29 Apr 2011 To Be Announced
6 May 2011 To Be Announced
13 May 2011 To Be Announced
26 Aug 2011 no meeting
2 Sep 2011Manfred Denker, PSUPoisson limit theorems for dependent processes
9 Sep 2011Brian Nowakowski, PSUA weak limit theorem for stochastic integrals with applications
16 Sep 2011Brian Nowakowski, PSUA weak limit theorem for stochastic integrals with applications II
23 Sep 2011 To Be Announced
30 Sep 2011Matthew Nicol, University of HoustonDynamical Borel-Cantelli lemmas for some non-uniformly hyperbolic systems
7 Oct 2011Jiangang Dai, Georgia Institute of TechnologyMaximum pressure policies for stochastic processing networks
14 Oct 2011 To Be Announced
21 Oct 2011 To Be Announced
28 Oct 2011 To Be Announced
4 Nov 2011Peter Imkeller, Humboldt University BerlinUtility maximation and (F)BSDE of quadratic growth
11 Nov 2011Guodong Pang, College of Engineering, PSUStochastic networks: overview and open problems
18 Nov 2011Manfred Denker, PSUPoisson approximation in dynamical systems: Some open problem
25 Nov 2011 Thanksgiving week
2 Dec 2011John Fricks, Statistics DepartmentSimulation Techniques for Generalized Langevin Equations
9 Dec 2011 To Be Announced
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