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Noncommutative Geometry Seminar (2014 Archive)

Thursdays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB106

This is a working seminar covering various topics in noncommutative geometry. For further information, please contact Nigel Higson.

30 Jan 2014Nigel Higson, Penn StateK-theory and Fredholm operators, I
13 Feb 2014Piotr Hajac, Polish Academy of SciencesBraided noncommutative join construction
3 Apr 2014Marc Geiller, Penn State, Department of PhysicsThree-dimensional gravity, state sum models, and black hole entropy
10 Apr 2014Stuart White, University of GlasgowRegularity properties for nuclear C*-algebras
17 Apr 2014Bhishan Jacelon, Purdue UniversityIs C_0(X) tensor O_2 AF-embeddable?
24 Apr 2014Hannes Thiel, University of CopenhagenThe generator problem for C*-algebras
1 May 2014 To Be Announced
8 May 2014 To Be Announced
15 May 2014 To Be Announced
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