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GAP Seminar (2010 Archive)

Tuesdays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB106

12 Jan 2010 To Be Announced
19 Jan 2010 To Be Announced
26 Jan 2010 To Be Announced
2 Feb 2010Andrzej SitarzThe spectral action on noncommutative spaces
9 Feb 2010 To Be Announced
16 Feb 2010 To Be Announced
23 Feb 2010 To Be Announced
2 Mar 2010Owen Sizemore, UCLAW^*-Rigidity for actions of Wreath Product Groups
9 Mar 2010 Spring Break
16 Mar 2010Rufus Willett, Vanderbilt UniversityOn Roe algebras
23 Mar 2010Erik Van ErpThe world's simplest index theorem and noncommutative topology
30 Mar 2010Sean Fitzpatrick, Mount Allison UniversityTwo approaches to contact quantization
6 Apr 2010ShuZhou WangSimple Compact Quantum Groups
13 Apr 2010 To Be Announced
20 Apr 2010 To Be Announced
27 Apr 2010Zhigang Han, Millersville UniversityFloer homology and the spectral metric
4 May 2010 To Be Announced
11 May 2010 To Be Announced
24 Aug 2010Piotr Soltan, University of WarsawExotic quantum group norms from property (T)
21 Sep 2010Paul Baum, Penn State UniversityCYCLES, COCYCLES, AND BICYCLES I
28 Sep 2010Paul Baum, Penn State UniversityCYCLES, COCYCLES, AND BICYCLES II
5 Oct 2010Aaron McMillan, UC BerkeleyEmbedding Singular Poisson Varieties
12 Oct 2010Robert Coquereaux, CPT Marseille / CNRSGlobal dimensions for fusion categories of type (G,k)
26 Oct 2010Claude Roger, LyonSome results on Gerstenhaber and Batalin-Vilkovisky structures
2 Nov 2010Jonas Seebach, Aarhus University(Non) invertibility of C*-extensions
9 Nov 2010Mark Johnson, Penn StateOn homotopy invariance for algebras over colored PROPs
16 Nov 2010Simon Covez, University of NantesThe local integration of Leibniz algebras
23 Nov 2010Thanksgiving weekTo Be Announced
30 Nov 2010Mihran Papikian, Penn StateGalois representations and automorphic forms
7 Dec 2010John Arlo Caine, Notre DameSmooth Toric Varieties as real Poisson Manifolds
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