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Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive Examination (2009 Archive)

Thu, 5 Mar 2009
317 Boucke Building
Oleksandr Misiats"Minimizers of Magnetic Ginzburg- Landau Functional with Prescribed Degree on the Boundary"
Mon, 30 Mar 2009
104 Osmond Laboratory
Tao Wang"A Dynamic Blocking Problem: Theory and Numerical Analysis"
Wed, 15 Apr 2009
Pavlo Tsytsura"Counting periodic orbits of geodesic flow on negatively curved compact manifold"
Wed, 22 Apr 2009
108 Sackett Building
Jingjing Huang"On the Erdos-Straus conjecture"
Wed, 22 Apr 2009Chong Ai"Spectral Properties and Problems in Ergodic Theory"
Tue, 28 Apr 2009Yanping Ma"Cell coagulation modeling in parallel flow chamber"
Wed, 29 Apr 2009Seunghun Hong, (Advisor: Nigel Higson)Heat Trace Expansion and the Volume Formula for Compact Semisimple Lie Groups
Thu, 30 Apr 2009Prapanpong Pongsriiam"Barban-Davenport-Halberstam theorem 1"
Mon, 4 May 2009Yao Chen"Multilevel Methods of Indefinite Problems"
Tue, 5 May 2009Michael Tseng"The classification problem for certain crossed products"
Thu, 13 Aug 2009Qingqin Qu"The Generalized Finite element Method for Transmission Problems"
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