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Symplectic Topology Seminar (2009 Archive)

Thursdays from 01:25pm to 02:15pm in MB315

1 Jan 2009 To Be Announced
8 Jan 2009 To Be Announced
15 Jan 2009 To Be Announced
22 Jan 2009 To Be Announced
29 Jan 2009Augustin Banyaga, PSUC^0 rigidity of the Poisson brackets and hamiltonian pseudo-representations, I
5 Feb 2009Augustin Banyaga, PSUC^0 rigidity of the Poisson bracket and hamiltonian pseudo representation ,II
12 Feb 2009Peter Spaeth, PSUOn the Le Roux's fragmentation lemma
19 Feb 2009Vivek Srikrishnan, PSUTBA
26 Feb 2009Yong-Geun Oh, University of Wisconsin, MadisonReplaced by the Joint GAP/Symplectic Topology Seminar on 2/24
5 Mar 2009Sergei Tabachnikov, PSUPseudo-Riemannian geodesics and billiards
12 Mar 2009 No seminar ( spring break)
19 Mar 2009Alain Albouy, Observatoire de Paris, CNRSThe S0(4) Symmetry of the Kepler Problem - a simple proof
26 Mar 2009Helmut Hofer, Courant Institute, NY UniversityA generalized Fredholm and the Gromov-Witten example I and II
2 Apr 2009Helmut Hofer, Courant and PrincetonA generalized Fredholm and Gromov-Witten example, II
9 Apr 2009Robert Foote, Wabash CollegePlanimeters and isoperimetrics inequalities on constant curvature surfaces
16 Apr 2009Luca Stefanini, PSUThe moment map in Poisson geometry
23 Apr 2009Vivek Srikrishnan, PSUTBA
24 Apr 2009

2:30pm - 3:20pm
Luca Stefanini, PSUThe momentum map in Poisson geometry
30 Apr 2009Ian Marshall, PSUThe Dynamical Yang-Baxter on a Poisson-Lie group
7 May 2009Aissa Wade, PSUGeneralized complex structures and their odd-dimensional counterparts
14 May 2009 No seminar
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