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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Center for Dynamics and Geometry Colloquium

Tuesdays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB114

26 Aug 2014 NO SEMINAR
2 Sep 2014Alex Wright, Stanford UniversityArea preserving flows on surfaces: survey and new exceptional behaviour
9 Sep 2014Bryna Kra, Northwestern UniversityTopological recurrence: variations and questions
16 Sep 2014 NO SEMINAR
23 Sep 2014 NO SEMINAR
30 Sep 2014Serge Cantat, CNRS-Université de Rennes (presently member of the IAS)Entropy, dynamical degrees, and Salem numbers.
7 Oct 2014 NO SEMINAR
14 Oct 2014Mikhail Lyubich, SUNY Stony BrookDynamics of dissipative polynomial automorphisms of C^2
21 Oct 2014 To Be Announced
28 Oct 2014Rafael de la Llave, Georgia TechSome geometric mechanisms for Arnold Diffusion
4 Nov 2014Alex Eskin, University of ChicagoCocycle Reduction and Exponential Drift
11 Nov 2014 To Be Announced
18 Nov 2014 To Be Announced
25 Nov 2014 NO SEMINAR: Thanksgiving break
2 Dec 2014 To Be Announced
9 Dec 2014 To Be Announced

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