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CCMA Luncheon Seminar (2007 Archive)

Fridays from 12:15pm to 01:25pm in MB114

Designed mainly for graduate students interested in computational and applied mathematics and related areas, this seminar usually gives an introduction to a research topic without assuming the audience has any prior knowledge on the topic, and, in most cases offers an introduction to the CAM Colloquium by, for example, defining basic concepts important to the Colloquium talk.
The seminar is 30 minutes long, followed by a discussion over lunch.

The schedule of speakers is below.

31 Aug 2007Xiaoming Wang, FSUUniformly dissipative approximations of stationary statistical properties
7 Sep 2007Adrian Ocneanu (PSU)Space partitions from finite element to quantum field theory
14 Sep 2007Hengguang Li (PSU)Introduction to corner singularities: a priori estimates, the finite element method, and the multigrid method
21 Sep 2007Jinchao Xu (PSU)Optimal and Practical Solvers for Partial Differential Equations
28 Sep 2007Claudio Rebbi (BU)An introduction to lattice QCD
5 Oct 2007Lei Zhang (PSU)Critical nuclei morphology in solid state phase transformations
12 Oct 2007
Peter Howard"Introduction to the Cahn-Hilliard Equation"
19 Oct 2007
Alberto Bressan (PSU)Non-cooperative differential games
26 Oct 2007Matt Patterson (PSU)Algebro-geometric algorithms for integrable systems
2 Nov 2007Yunrong Zhu (PSU)Efficient Solvers for Problems with Variable Coefficients
9 Nov 2007
Jia Pan (PSU)To Be Announced
16 Nov 2007Tony Chan (NSF)NSF in a Nutshell
30 Nov 2007Irene Fonseca (CMU)Variational Methods in Materials and Imaging
7 Dec 2007Suncica Canic (U. of Houston)Introduction to Fluid-Structure Interaction in Blood Flow
14 Dec 2007Tim Reluga (PSU)The Theory of Antibiotic Cycling: A Problem in Evolution, Heterogeneity, and Optimal Management
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