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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

CCMA Luncheon Seminar

Mondays from 12:20pm to 01:30pm in MB114

Designed mainly for graduate students interested in computational and applied mathematics and related areas, this seminar usually gives an introduction to a research topic without assuming the audience has any prior knowledge on the topic, and, in most cases offers an introduction to the CAM Colloquium by, for example, defining basic concepts important to the Colloquium talk.
The seminar is 30 minutes long, followed by a discussion over lunch.

The schedule of speakers is below.

12 Jan 2015Workshop (8:30am-2:30pm)Computational Methods for Flows in Porous Media
19 Jan 2015Martin Luther King Day - No ClassesTo Be Announced
26 Jan 2015Zhiliang Xu, University of Notre Dame (Host: C Liu)Modeling Blood Cell-Substrate Interaction and Biofilm-Fluid Interaction
2 Feb 2015Bob Eisenberg, Rush University Medical Center (Host: J Xu)Mathematics of Ions in Channels and Solutions
9 Feb 2015Alexei Novikov, Penn State UniversityImaging of Sparse Scatterers
16 Feb 2015Fei Wang, Penn State UniversityHigh Order eXtended Finite Element Methods for Interface problems
23 Feb 2015Pan Michaleris, Penn State UniversityThermo-Mechanical Modeling of Additive Manufacturing Processes
2 Mar 2015Nir Gavish, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Host: C Liu)Auction theory from an applied Math point of view
9 Mar 2015Spring Break, No ClassesTo Be Announced
16 Mar 2015Andrew Belmonte, Penn State UniversityFitness, Games, and Public Goods
23 Mar 2015
 To Be Announced
30 Mar 2015Suchuan Steven Dong, Purdue University (Host: J Xu)Energy-Stable Open Boundary Conditions for Two-Phase Outflows
6 Apr 2015Richard Tsai, University of Texas, Austin (Host: X Li)A few optimal path planning problems (for a simple car with a constrained turning radius)
13 Apr 2015Olivier Glass, Université Paris-Dauphine (Host: A. Bressan)Limit dynamics of a small solid in a perfect incompressible fluid.
20 Apr 2015Ilya Mishev, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company (Host: L Zikatanov)Computational Challenges in Reservoir Simulations
27 Apr 2015Rainer Kress, University of Goettingen (Host: L Zikatanov)Inverse Obstacle Scattering

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