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CCMA Luncheon Seminar

Mondays from 12:20pm to 01:30pm in MB114

Designed mainly for graduate students interested in computational and applied mathematics and related areas, this seminar usually gives an introduction to a research topic without assuming the audience has any prior knowledge on the topic, and, in most cases offers an introduction to the CAM Colloquium by, for example, defining basic concepts important to the Colloquium talk.
The seminar is 30 minutes long, followed by a discussion over lunch.

The schedule of speakers is below.

25 Aug 2014Various Speakers, Penn State UniversityIntroduction to the CCMA Luncheon Seminar
1 Sep 2014 Labor Day, no classes
8 Sep 2014Sergey Gavrilets, University of Tennessee (Host: A Belmonte)To Be Announced
15 Sep 2014Mark Levi, Penn State UniversitySome mechanical paradoxes and their mathematical explanations
22 Sep 2014Yicong Ma, Penn State UniversityStructure-preserving discretization and preconditioner for incompressible MHD equations
29 Sep 2014John Harlim, Penn State UniversityUncertainty Quantification: Forecasting, Filtering, and Climate Sensitivity
6 Oct 2014Dimitrios Giannakis, New York University (Host: J Harlim)Data driven methods for dynamical systems: Extracting spatiotemporal patterns from high-dimensional time series
13 Oct 2014Bruce Boghosian, Tufts University (C Liu)To Be Announced
20 Oct 2014Steven Wise, University of TennesseeThe Phase Field Crystal Model: An Introduction to a Continuum Framework for Studying Phase Transformations on Atomic Length and Diffusive Time Scales
27 Oct 2014Haibo He, University of Rhode IslandAdaptive Learning and Optimization for Machine Intelligence
3 Nov 2014Feng Liu, University of California, Irvine (Host: J Xu)Aerodynamic Design Optimization by A Continuous Adjoint Method
10 Nov 2014Eric Cyr, Sandia National Laboratory (Host: J Xu)Block Preconditioning for Multi-physics: From Jacobi to Schur Complements
17 Nov 2014 To Be Announced
24 Nov 2014Fall Break, No SeminarFall Break, No Seminar
1 Dec 2014Elaine Spiller, Marquette University (Host: J Conway)To Be Announced
8 Dec 2014Anna Vainchtein, University of Pittsburgh (Host: X Li)To Be Announced
15 Dec 2014 To Be Announced

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