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Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium (2014 Archive)

Mondays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB106

This colloquium, following the style discussed on the AMS web site, focuses on a broad question in the field or discusses a specific question in a general way to facilitate a conversation between researchers (including graduate students) with different areas of expertise. The talk is 50 minutes long plus about 10 minutes for questions.
The schedule of speakers is below.

13 Jan 2014John Harlim, Pennsylvania State UniversityLinear Theory for Filtering Nonlinear Multiscale Systems with Model Error
20 Jan 2014 No seminar
27 Jan 2014Cancelled due to weather: Roger Temam, Indiana University--BloomingtonInitial and boundary value problems for the equations of the climate without viscosity: primitive equations and shallow water equations.
3 Feb 2014Alessio Figalli, University of Texas at AustinStability results for functional inequalities and applications
10 Feb 2014Gautam Iyer, Carnegie Mellon UniversityStirring and Mixing
17 Feb 2014Tyrus Berry, Penn State UniversityDiffusion Mapped Delay Coordinates (DMDC) and the geometry of dynamical data
24 Feb 2014Arnold Reusken, INSTITUT FÜR GEOMETRIE UND PRAKTISCHE MATHEMATIKFinite element methods for incompressible ows with moving interfaces
25 Feb 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm
Jan Martin Nordbotten, University of BergenFinite volume methods for elasticity and poro-elasticity
3 Mar 2014Vlad Vicol, Princeton UniversityTurbulent fluid flow and the inviscid limit for the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations
4 Mar 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm
Lexing Ying, Stanford UniversityHierarchical interpolative factorization
17 Mar 2014Carmen Rodrigo, Universidad de ZaragozaNumerical solution of a poroelasticity problem by stabilized finite element method and multigrid
24 Mar 2014Anne-Laure Dalibard, Ecole Normale Superieure de ParisExamples of boundary layers in fluid mechanics
31 Mar 2014Russel Caflisch, University of California, Los AngelesFrom PDEs to Information Science and Back
7 Apr 2014Keith Promislow, Michigan State UniversityNetwork formation in Ionomer Membranes
14 Apr 2014William Brouwer, RCC Penn StateFrom 0 to High Performance Computing in one hour or five ways to do kriging
21 Apr 2014Katy Craig, Rutgers UniversityTo Be Announced
28 Apr 2014Hans G Othmer, University of MinnesotaFrom Crawlers to Swimmers- Mathematical and Computational Problems in Cell Motility
25 Aug 2014Chun Liu, Penn State UniversityTransport of Charged Particles in Physical and Biological Environments: An Energetic Variational Approach
1 Sep 2014Labor Day, no classesLabor Day, no classes
8 Sep 2014Sergey Gavrilets, University of Tennessee (Host: A Belmonte)Evolution of social instincts in within- and between-group conflicts
15 Sep 2014Mark Levi, Penn State UniversityTraveling waves in lattices of oscillators
22 Sep 2014Maximilian Metti, Penn State UniversityApplications and Discretizations for the Poisson-Nernst-Planck System
29 Sep 2014Xingjie Li, Brown University (C Liu/X Li)Blended Atomistic/Continuum Hybrid Methods for crystalline materials
6 Oct 2014Dimitrios Giannakis, New York University (Host: J Harlim)Extracting and predicting spatiotemporal patterns from data with dynamics-adapted kernels
10 Oct 2014

2:00pm - 2:25pm
 Coffee Break
10 Oct 2014

2:30pm - 3:30pm
Said Elghobashi, University of California, Irvine (Host: J Xu)How do dispersed inertial particles modify turbulent flows ?
13 Oct 2014Bruce Boghosian, Tufts University (C Liu)Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck Equations for Economic Modeling
20 Oct 2014Steven Wise, University of Tennessee (Host: M Metti)The Phase Field Crystal Model: A Continuum Framework for Studying Phase Transformations on Atomic Length and Diffusive Time Scales
27 Oct 2014Joseph Jerome, Northwestern UniversityDiscretization of time-dependent quantum systems: propagation of the evolution operator
3 Nov 2014Feng Liu, University of California, Irvine (Host: J Xu)Multiple Numerical Solutions and Stability of Transonic Flows over Airfoils
10 Nov 2014John Shadid, Sandia National Laboratory (Host: J Xu)Scalable Implicit Resistive MHD with Stabilized Finite Element Methods and Fully-Coupled Newton-Krylov-AMG Solution Methods
17 Nov 2014Yuanming Xiao, Nanjing UniversityAn Unfitted hp-Interface Penalty Finite Element Method For Elliptic Interface Problems
24 Nov 2014Fall Break, No SeminarFall Break, No Seminar
1 Dec 2014Elaine Spiller, Marquette University (Host: J Conway)Uncertainty quantification and geophysical hazard mapping
8 Dec 2014Anna Vainchtein, University of Pittsburgh (Host: X Li)Solitary waves in non-integrable lattices
15 Dec 2014 To Be Announced
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